A Belgian illustrator is looking for companies interested in promoting his works under a services agreement or a commercial agency agreement.

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Summary A Belgian illustrator is looking for partners with an extensive network of clients and potential clients to represent his work. The target group consists in editors and/or publishers, but also endcustomers active in the tourism and heritage-oriented businesses (hotels, museums, souvenir shops,...) or other clients looking for drawings on demand (news agents, cities, municipalities, shopping centres,....). The partner should be interested in a services agreement or a commercial agency agreement.
Description of the offer The illustrator started drawing from the age of eleven. He has now 20 exhibitions on his name, for now only in Belgium. He has a straightforward and refreshing, simple and no-nonsense drawing style that is not obsessed with detail but is aware of the subject and the story it might have to tell. After retirement from other activities, he started professional illustration activity, now he wants to start internationalize his activities. Therefore he is looking for partners to represent his work in their country to editors, publishers, tourism-oriented services (hotels, museums, souvenir shops), cities, ... and other potential clients. The partner should have experience in promoting illustrative work. The illustrator is looking for direct contacts with the target group (publishers, editors, ...) or agents that can represent his work.
Advantages and Innovations The illustrator makes realistic drawings on demand with pencil on paper, and then scans, retouches, prints, cuts and frames them to form a pristine, handcrafted product line, for the domestic market. The illustrator has experience in different themes and topics such as portraits, architecture and heritage, history and historical figures, World War I, nature, the model, trees, plants and animals,... The drawings and prints are unique, clear and inspiring. The illustrator already has a portfolio of three thousand drawings (value about one million dollar).
Technological Keywords 11008 Creative services
Market Keywords 09003002 Advertising and public relations
Copyright Copyright
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The illustrator wants to internationalise and is looking for a partner with established contacts and a large network in the local creative sector in order to represent his illustratieve work to publishers and editors, partners with tourism-oriented activities such as museums, souvenir shops, cities, hotels,... and other potential clients interested in illustrations on demand or in creating his own productline. The partner should be interested in a services agreement or a commercial agency agreement. Also other partnership agreements are to be discussed.
Date of creation 13.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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