A Bulgarian company, specialized in design, production and tailor-made equipment and components for telecommunication networks is looking for partners under distribution and manufacturing agreement.

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Summary Bulgarian comprehensive telecommunication solution company is looking for a cooperation partner to expand their business globally. The company offers individual products in accordance with the client's needs. It is already present on 7 different markets and wishes to conclude a distribution agreement or manufacturing agreements with a partner who can help with identifying market needs and trends in telecommunication equipment.
Description of the offer Since its establishment in 1996, the Bulgarian company has been devoted to developing core technologies for RF and Optical telecommunication equipment. As a result, the company has been successful with developing and commercializing various individually solutions as the photos attached. It also develops and produces specialized network measurement systems & equipment for maintenance and parameter checking of cable TV networks. The company expects to find new market through localization of various Radio Frequency and Optical equipment. The company is capable of products customization according to local circumstances and specifications, and wishes to cooperate with a partner who has a close network with European and American telecommunication equipment companies. The company’s Cable TV products are as follows: - Optical Nodes - Optical Amplifiers - Optical Transmitters - Radio Frequency Amplifiers - Headend Equipment - Accessories Partners who have a good understanding of telecommunication equipment, are preferred and the types of cooperation desired include distribution cooperation and manufacturing agreements. Partners will benefit from expanding local markets through introducing the company’s Radio Frequency and Optical equipment. The company is interested in finding partners abroad. The company has experience with several international projects under the 7th framework programme for research and development. By partnering with international technical organisations, universities and R&D centers, the company was involved in developing the hardware for the new technological inventions. Currently, the company is partnering with Kobe Institute of Computing in Japan on the development of a new laser device that will be used in the medicine. The company has expertise in network design and consulting capability based on their various experience, thus will apply them by seeking distribution and manufacturing cooperation.
Advantages and Innovations 1. Since its establishment, the company has been working with most of the Bulgarian Cable TV providers and have helped them grow and develop their networks over the years. This partnership contributed to the transformation of Bulgaria into one of the countries with the fastest Internet in the world. 2. The company has various references from telecommunications service providers, public institutions and other enterprises. 3. It secures high-quality network design and consulting proficiency with various network building experience. 4. It possesses about 30 kinds of in-house developed products from backbone to access (small capacity) level and also has high level R&D manpower. 5. Also, it is able to customize and localize products according to customer demands. 6. It has its own production facilitices located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The competitive advantage of the company compared to its competitors is that the company offers broad range of telecommunication products, manufactured timely and customized in accordance with the clients’ needs. The high quality of the materials, used to manufacture the goods, in combination with their timely actions and wide range of expertise are some of the advantages in comparison to their competitors. The company offers its support for their products and a guarantee of their quality.
Technological Keywords 01002008 Optical Networks and Systems
Market Keywords 01004001 Local area networks
01004003 Communications processors/network management
01004007 Network test, monitoring and support equipment
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Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type of partnerhip sought: - Telecommunication equipment companies, Network equipment companies, SI/NI companies, etc. Specific area of activity of the partner: - Network communication agencies, manufacturers, distributors Task to be performed: - Product distribution, product localization Type of partnership: The company owns expertise in network design and consulting capability based on their various experience in network. It seeks distribution and manufacturing cooperation with the following companies: -SI (systems integrators) /NI (network integrators) company for import/sale of the company’s products to overseas countries (the original brand or rebranded) -Telecommunication equipment company that wants to localize products in cooperation with the company - Local company that wants joint local manufacturing/sale by investing capital and production facilities in the company’s technology. Therefore, the most suitable forms of cooperation are distribution agreement and manufacturing agreement as the distributor will have in-depth knowledge of the local market peculiarities, and will be able to represent and promote more successfully the products in accordance with the market. The Bulgarian company is capable of products customization according to local circumstances and specifications, thus the manufacturing agreement will be very suitable. The added value of the company for each partnership sought is: 1. Technical support - technical specifications, advises, professional consultations with engineers. 2. Custom-made solutions according to clients' specifications. 3. Promoting our partnership through our social channels and website. 4. Preparing marketing materials for their needs.
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