A company producing styrene-acrylic, acrylic and vinyl emulsions and compounds is looking for distributors and commercial agents

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Summary A Spanish company producing acrylic, vinylic polymers and compounds, water-based polymerization process is looking for new distributors in European markets. It is looking for distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement with companies involved in sectors such as coatings , adhesives, construction, textile, footwear, wood and automotive
Description of the offer The company was created in 1970, it is a leading Spanish chemical company established for more than forty years.It has been dedicated to the constant technological improvement (innovation) of its process and products. This company has different product lines such as: acrylic, vinyl emulsions and compounds.It manufactures a wide range of products for specific purposes in different sectores . The five automated production lines have allowed them to provide a high level in the technical services, greater flexibility and immediate response to the support required by their clients. Furthermore, their facilities integrate devolatilization systems throughout the processes of manufacturing what makes them more environmentally sustainable. Its products could be used as additives in articles from a wide range of sectors such as coatings and adhesives, construction, textile, footwear, wood and automotive. The properties of the final products are significantly improved: -the adhesives obtained are capable of binding substrates by adhesion or cohesion, without affecting their structure or surface -in the construction sector, the materials produced by additives water based polymerized can have waterproof properties and be used for example for roofs or basements -asphalts with less sensitivity to temperature changes can be produced, what decreases the footprint with high temperatures and increases its flexibility with low temperatures -in the automotive sector products can be obtained with improved properties such as stiffness, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, hardness, deformation resistance, ageing resistance and low odour -in the bonding fabrics, nonwoven sand foams for the footwear and textile sectors, good adhesion, tack, cohesion and aging resistance can be assured The company has a strong policy for international growth and currently operates in South America, Afrique, New Zeland, and Europe. The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents willing to distribute their products in their countries in order to increase their international growth.
Advantages and Innovations The technology of the company allows obtain products with very high performance, with reaching qualities and prices very competitive. Furthermore the final materials produced using the company additives/products are characterized by improved properties compared to other similar materials in the market: - High adhesion or cohesion without modifying the roof materials - Waterproof properties - Improved sensitivity to thermal changes - Stiffness and hardness - Abrasion resistance - Deformation resistance - Ageing resistance The company has a plant with a high production capacity and a workforce structure that enables them to produce and supply to their distributors all types of products for a wide range of industries and clients. The company has its own distribution channels in different points of Europe Their investment in continuous innovation development allows them to produce very specialized products and also offer tailor-made manufacturing for other brands. The company has many recommendations from their long standing customers and partners, that confirm the quality of their services.
Market Keywords 06001006 Chemicals and materials
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Commercial agents and distributors introduced in the country within the sectors of coatings, construction, asphalt, textile, footwear, wood and automotive.
Date of creation 12.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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