A Dutch product developer of thermal textile products and online retailer of consumer goods is looking for production partners for their product range of heated gloves.

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Summary A Dutch start-up specialized in consumer product design has developed designed heated gloves with thermoregulation properties. The gloves can be made of different kind of fabrics such as sustainable fabrics, recycled fleece, nylon elastomer, yarn fleece and leatherette. The SME is looking for partners interested in a manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer A Dutch company based in the Western part of The Netherlands has experience in designing and creating various types of consumer products. Since 2017 the company has developed a range of heated gloves using high quality. The gloves can be made out of different kind of fabrics such as durable fabrics like recycled fleece, nylon elastomer, yarn fleece and leatherette. The products are developed in cooperation with a Dutch technical university and solve the problem of cold hands and fingers. From a technical and production point of view the gloves consists of two parts: the glove itself and the heating components. The possible production partner will get the needed blue prints and detailed information. The main feature of the product is that it helps to preserve the body temperature in a highly efficient way. The gloves are designed for people who have physical discomforts. The SME seeks production partners, with experience in the production of gloves and they are willing to offer a manufacturing agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The designed product meets the needs of the consumers more effectively than other gloves due to an integrated heating system in the gloves. The SME's marketing strategy and campaign will also reach the consumers with physical comforts more efficiently and effectively.
Technological Keywords 03005007 Textile fibres
Market Keywords 07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07004008 Other consumer products
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The ideal candidate for the manufacturing agreement should be companies that are experienced in the production of gloves. The company is looking for reliable and experienced producers of gloves interested in managing a challenging production process.
Date of creation 13.04.2018
Profile type Business request
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