A German enterprise offers an innovative technology to convert ocean waves into electrical energy

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Summary A German SME which is focussing on enhancements of innovative energy concepts developed et alia a model tested solution to convert ocean waves into energy. The company looks for European cooperation partners for further technological development and for demonstration. Thus the company looks prinarily for research or technological collaboration partners in the context of joint projects but joint venture and licence agreements are also feasible.
Description of the offer The company is located in the north-eastern part of Germany and has over 60 years’ experience in the field of machine building. Due to partnerships with leading research centres, the SME is able to develop first ideas for marine energy technologies to serial production readiness. The wave energy device consists of two concentric floating bodies. The outer body has a long vertical tube inside which the inner body can move relative to the former. The relative motion is then transferred to a generator via a magnetic gear. The concept complies with three major requirements: - All sensitive parts are accessible without the need of divers. - The device is fairly simple and robust. - An elastic mooring system will allow the system to survive severe storms.
Advantages and Innovations The so-called “Energy Buoy” is one of the SMEs' innovative energy solution. It cost-efficiently converts wave motions into electrical energy in a robust and climate-friendly way. It has only a minimal impact on the ecological balance. Results of first stage testings in a European wave tank let expect: The technology which for first time uses a buoy would probably have a better efficiency compared to the established approach of using an air generator. Compared to the hydraulic principle, the method will be more efficient and requires much less maintenance. Besides the low costs of maintenance, the technological development convinces by a number of advantages: • no use of environmentally hazardous liquids (hydraulic fluid, water glycol), • low underwater noise pollution, • interconnectable, creating a matrix of buoys, • reliable energy production.
Current Stage of Development The 1:25 scale model of the "Energy Buoy" has undergone first stage testing in a European wave tank (TRL 1-3). The tests provided some validation to the numerical model and better understanding of the behaviour of the device. At the same time, the tests provided an estimate of the power output and helped to understand the survivability of the device under extreme conditions. Moreover, the tests provided valuable experience for the planning of subsequent tests at similar or bigger scales. Next phase will be a testing of the model at a benign lake site.
Technological Keywords 04002005 Generators, electric engines and power converters
04005002 Hydropower
04008002 Fuels and engine technologies
10002006 Ecology
Market Keywords 06002004 Hydro-electric
06003004 Marine energy
06007001 Other energy production
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Technical cooperation agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Research cooperation agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company seeks for cooperating partners in research and demonstration activities. After a trial phase and on base of a trustful cooperation, a joint venture or license agreement is also conceivable. The partners should have technological expertise in marine technology, mooring, sea cabling, electrical engineering, control technology, monitoring, hydraulic and civil engineering, energy supply and/or installation and maintenance of marine structures. Together with our partners, the company would like to - furtherly develop the concept, - improve the economic viability of the concept, - make use of available solutions, - connect to industrial partners to adapt for foreign markets, - use testing and demonstration facilities, - develop a product of market readiness.
Date of creation 08.05.2018
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