A German SME is offering its business development services in the European and US healthcare market on the basis of a services agreement

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Summary A German SME offering consulting services like strategic and operational advice on market access, reimbursement, public affairs, public relations and business development to the healthcare industry is looking for partners interested in a services agreement. Their focus is on the European and the US market.
Description of the offer Germany is a market that has great opportunities for healthcare companies. There are 82 million inhabitants living in a wealthy and aging society. The market in the hospital sector is comparably open and public health funds and private insurance companies have the ability to finance innovative projects and procedures. On the other hand, the German health system has complex decision-making structures and challenges such as benefit assessment for certain new methods or changes by the upcoming EU medical device regulation. A Berlin-based SME active in the field of consulting for the healthcare industry is offering strategic and operational support in the fields of market access, health economics, reimbursement and business development. Their market access services include regulatory and compliance advice, market potential analysis and pricing strategy as well as advice on operational structure and fiscal representation. As experts on the topic of reimbursement they prepare reimbursement applications for submission to healthcare authorities and dialogues with stakeholders. They are also able to provide health economic simulations focusing on cost utility, cost benefit and cost effectiveness which can be an essential part of a public affairs strategy regarding reimbursement or a public relations strategy. As they have many years of experience in the healthcare business of the United States, they are also able to offer their services to clients interested in entering the US market. Their offices in San Francisco and Minneapolis and partners in Boston, Denver, St. Louis and Florida enable them to provide market access services all over the United States. The US market is the largest medical device market in the world at $148 billion (about 43 percent of worldwide in 2015), and it is expected to reach $155 billion by 2017. The regulatory requirements for medical devices and pharma are predictable and manageable. Personal liability for company owners and officers can be provided by various easily-formed US corporate structures. North American physicians are very innovation-oriented and open to considering new med devices and treatments. Next to providing market analyses and market access support, the company is partnering with experienced law firms that support their clients with profound legal advice – also regarding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval - if needed. All those services are part of a strategy development process which is tailored to the client's needs. The client is looking for companies that want to introduce their products to the German, European or US market and need support with their market access strategy, questions of reimbursement and the regulatory framework. They are offering their services in the framework of a services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations - Comprehensive expertise in the healthcare market in Germany - Over twenty-five years of operational and strategic business experience in Europe and the United States - Associated consultants in different European and other international key healthcare markets countries enable them to manage and coordinate market access not only in Germany but throughout the whole of Europe and beyond - General strategic advice for medtech, bioscience and diagnostics companies in a dynamic healthcare environment - Development of market access, market development and sales strategies
Market Keywords 05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The German SME is looking for companies (SMEs or industry) that intend to sell their medical products or solutions on the German, European or US market. Possible partners should be in need of strategic and operational support in the fields of market access, health economics, reimbursement and business development. The future partner should be interested in signing a service agreement.
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