A German SME is offering logistics and warehouse services in the medical device sector (Services agreement)

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Summary A German SME is offering warehousing and logistics services to manufacturers of medical devices on the basis of a services agreement.
Description of the offer A Berlin-based German SME active in the field of logistics and warehousing with offices and warehouses in Berlin is offering their services to manufacturers of medical devices that are looking for logistic services. The company is ISO 13485:2012 certified for warehousing, medical device logistics and fulfillment services. The flexible service is tailored especially to the needs of small companies because the logistics provider is able to adapt to the clients’ requirements from a single delivery of goods to a large, regular shipment. They are able to support their clients throughout the complete administrative process. They oversee the management of exploration dates and LOT management. (Lot numbers enable manufacturers and other entities to perform quality control checks, calculate expiration dates, and issue corrections or recall information to subsets of their production output.) The goods can be invoiced through their own accountancy system. They actively manage customs regulations, including the application of shipments into European countries outside the EU. The company offers a complete accounting procedure, including handling legal requirements for the storage of receipts, and dealing with paperwork required by local and statutory authorities. They are also able to manage VAT issues in cooperation with their CPA (certified public accounting) partners. Clients will receive a monthly report and can benefit from multilingual services. (The company is able to adapt the languages of the customer service to the clients' needs.) Other services they offer to their clients are management of recalls and handling of complaints. They are also able to support with marketing (filing press releases, PR service in close communication with hospitals' PR departments and always considering the impact of PR releases on reimbursement, preparation of information materials/leaflets, marketing representation at events and congresses). Most of their clients are SMEs which are located outside Europe and want to enter the European market. The services are offered for the whole of Europe and do include countries which are not members of the European Union. They are looking for a cooperation in the framework of a services agreement with companies interested in the delivery of their products in Germany and Europe.
Advantages and Innovations - The central European location of the warehouse is a good gateway for doing business in Europe. - The flexibility of the services guarantees tailormade and efficient solutions especially for small and mid-sized companies. - ISO 13485 certification supports alignment of Standard Operating Procedures with Medical Devices Producers and guarantees sufficient awareness of risk and quality management. - Strong relationships to purchasing groups in Germany.
Market Keywords 05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05004004 Medical instruments
05004005 Diagnostic equipment
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought They are interested in a cooperation with companies from the medical devices sector that are looking for a partner to handle the logistics of their products in Europe. They would like to cooperate within the framework of a services agreement.
Date of creation 17.04.2018
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