A Korean company specializing in the press-fit technology and automated robotic assembly offers a self-aligning and correction device for consistent press-fit quality under a commercial agency and distribution services agreement

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Summary Since 2000, the Korean company has been offering solution for the automation of press-fit or loose-fit assembly lines to its customers world-wide. Its self-aligning and correction device, which automatically compensates for the errors during insertion assembly, has been used by world-class automotive companies in Asia, Europe, and America. In cooperation with an international partner, the company expects to increase product sales under a commercial agency and distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer Since its establishment in 2000, a Korean company has been providing total solution for the automation of press-fit or loose-fit assembly lines. A press fit technology is a proven and widely accepted interconnection method for joining electronics assemblies such as machineries and automobiles. In addition to the self-aligning and correction devices, the company also manufactures and provides robot arms, bench-top press machines, graphic indicators (monitors) for controlling the press process. Yet, in this profile, their self-aligning and correction technology will be mainly dealt with. The company’s self-aligning and correction devices solve problems occurring in the insertion process of the press-fit method. When a component is pressed into a hole in a wrong position during the press-fit process, it can cause several problems such as scratches, wedging, tearing, oil leakages, loose fitting, and mechanical damage. Not only these errors can harm the quality of the finished product, but also damage the assembly machines and leads to an operation stoppage. The company’s self-aligning and correction device installed in the press arm automatically measures the component’s positional and angular distance to the hole’s center. If the shaft of the part contacts the hole’s side, it moves horizontally to the center of the hole. Then the insertion starts without any positional error and fits into the hole perfectly. Many of the company’s clients have found that assembly failure is drastically reduced in press/loose fit task. The maximum insertion force is kept constant regardless of positional errors and the dispersion degree is low; in other words, the quality is even. Since the operational stoppage has also decreased due to less mechanical error, the cycle time is shortened and the life cycle of the assembler has prolonged, leading to cost saving and more profit. The company has two types of product: one type supports self-aligning and correction while the other type measures press-fit load. The company’s world-class customers include the largest car manufacturer in South Korea and Japan. To both companies the company has been selling the self-aligning and correction device for more than 10 years. The company owns sales office and factory in two locations in Korea, Seoul and Daegu, and in USA the company has a sales office. The product was also sold in Europe and the company is planning to expand the sales in the region. A desired cooperation type is a commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement. The company wishes to find a distributor who has knowledge in delicate assembly or an assembly company which wants to add the Korean company’s product to its product line.
Advantages and Innovations 1. Significantly reduced assembly failure : The company’s self-aligning and correction device drastically reduces assembly failure in press/loose insertion task. This leads to a constant insertion of parts and as a result, shortens the cycle time in production. 2. Longer life cycle of the assembly machine : The life cycle of the assembler (assembly machine) will be prolonged as the product prevents oil leak and rod distortion from the insertion error. 3. Cost effectiveness : A simple installation of the product, which eliminates the need for a large-scale facility for correcting the center error, can save additional capital investment costs. 4. Easy maintenance : The product is easy to use and install. 5. Several patents held : The company’s product holds a number of patents including 7 in Korea and 10 overseas.
Technological Keywords 03003 Apparatus Engineering
Market Keywords 08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought - Type of partner sought: Distributors or companies which deal with assemblers - Specific area of activity of the partner: delicate assembly or press-fit machinery, automotive, etc. - Task to be performed: distribution of the company’s product by suggesting them as the solution to the assembly quality improvement
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