A Korean SME is offering a water purifier and a water softener using a Capacitive De-Ionization(CDI) technology

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Summary A Korean company specializing in development of eco-friendly materials and devices provides a technology of purifying and softening water by eliminating dissolved ion from water. It is eco-friendly, energy saving, high in recovery efficiency and easy to operate. The company is looking for a partner manufacturing washing machines, water purifiers or water softeners. Commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements are available.
Description of the offer Due to global water crisis, the whole world concentrates on water recovery. One of the key ways to resolve this problem is to find a method which can provide low cost and high efficiency in desalination. Capacitive De-Ionization (CDI) is electrochemically controlled method for removing salt from aqueous solutions by absorbing ions in the electrical double layer region at an electrode-solution interface. Generally, Electrodes for Capacitive De-Ionization (CDI) is made by coating graphite with mesoporous activated carbons, adding ion-exchange membrane and staking a spacer. However, this Korean company has developed a new technology of producing CDI electrodes by coating graphite with mesoporous activated carbons and ion monomer. Afterwards a spacer is added. The technology makes it possible to realize cost reduction. Also, it saves more energy by decreasing membrane fouling compared to the conventional technologies such as Reverse Osmotic(RO) or Ion Exchange Resin. Furthermore, labor cost can be saved too as far as no second hazardous pollutants can be created. As an eco-friendly technology, it does not use detrimental chemicals or salt, and everyone can easily operate this product. The company is looking for a European manufacturer in the field of washing machines, water purifiers or water softeners and would like to transfer their technology to the partner by contracting a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Furthermore, they are looking for a partner for technical cooperation by testing of new application. Other partnership can be negotiated, so if anyone is interested, feel free to create an expression of interest for further information.
Advantages and Innovations - Save more energy compared to the conventional technologies such as Reverse Osmotic(RO) or Ion Exchange Resin (Energy consumption: RO(1.2 kw/h), CDI(0.6 kw/h)) - High in pure water recovery rate up to 90% (Water recovery rate comparison: RO(50~70%), CDI(90%)) - Possible to control the amount of minerals in water - Easy to operate the system - Not using detrimental chemicals or salt
Current Stage of Development The technology has been completed and the end-product is successfully made for demonstration or field test, but research is needed for its various applications.
Technological Keywords 06006009 Ionic Liquids
10003004 Recycling, Recovery
10004004 Drinking Water
Market Keywords 07004004 Housewares
08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
Copyright Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status Korean patents granted
Type of Partnership Required Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Technical cooperation agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought - Type of partner sought : Companies - Specific area of activity of the partner : In the field of manufacturing washing machines, water purifiers or water softeners - Task to be performed : Manufactures or distributes products in the potential partner’s local area under Commercial agreement with technical assistance, or applies to various applications under technology cooperation.
Date of creation 27.04.2018
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