A manufacture company from Serbia is looking for distributors for its innovative lures.

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Summary A Serbian company specialised in manufacturing and distribution of innovative fishing lures for all types of fishing waters (river/lake/sea) and all fish sizes (50g-300kg) is looking for partners through distribution agreement. The company offers also its manufacturing services through manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer A Serbian company started in 2007. In the last 4 years, the company developed innovative product - lures for all predatory species. Since the company’s owner is passionate fisherman, raised in fishermen family, he came to an idea to put lure creation to the advanced level. His innovative lures are exhibited on fishing fairs, and sold on Serbian market through internet and local shops. In 2017 the company focused on presenting its lures to the world market, exhibiting on fairs in Hungary, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. The innovative lure won Grand Prix award (runner up) on the one of the top 3 biggest fishing fairs in the world – EFTTEX (among 220 exhibitors). Innovative lures are made of zinc alloy, as one piece casting, and they don't contain any of harmful materials which make them eco products. The company offers 10 types of lures: speedy, flying fish, frog, butterfly, fly, and bait fish, in weights between 2-200g. All lures are hand painted by airbrush in 20 different colours, which result in portfolio of 400 different articles. This product portfolio covers all kinds of fishing situations no matter which kind of water is used for fishing and which kind of fish is targeted. The lures are packed into reliable plastic boxes that can be useful for keeping hooks, weights etc. Having in mind that the company has all necessary equipment for producing lures, the company offers also production of half products, blank lures that can be painted and equipped by the company. Also, the company offers production of final products, the lures hand painted by the airbrush technique, or galvanisation, or plastification technique, equipped with VMC hooks. The company is looking for distributors for its innovative lures. The company offers special education material / instruction manual of its products. The company is also interested in manufacturing agreement. The company offers production of half products (blank lures) with production amount of 10.000 pieces per day. Also, the company offers production of final products. The lures can be packed by the company in original premium plastic boxes. The production amount of final product can reach 500-5.000 pieces per day, depending on type of lure finish. All the production features that are mentioned are negotiable.
Advantages and Innovations The company has following advantages: • Member of EFTTA (European Fishing Tackle Trade Association) • the owner comes from the family with more than 100 years of fishing tradition • the company has 10 years of experience • In 2017 its lures won World Grand Prix (Runner Up) on exclusive EFTTEX fair (European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition) in Budapest • lures are made of innovative alloy which makes them environmental friendly - eco product and extremely durable (500kg tested) • innovative lures are universal (all types of fishing waters (river/lake/sea) and all fish sizes (50g-300kg)) • innovative lures are on the Serbia and German markets
Market Keywords 07001004 Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type: industry Activity: distributors of fishing equipment, lure manufactures, Role: in distribution agreement, it is expected from the partner to promote innovative products upon promotion material provided from the company, distribute to its sales network, and minimum order of 1000 pieces. In manufacturing agreement, it is expected from the partner to precisely define the model of the lure that would be manufactured by the company. The minimal amount of lures that would be produced by the company is 1000 pieces.
Date of creation 10.04.2018
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