A Polish company offers mobile solar containers and is looking for cooperation under commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

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Summary A Polish company produces solar containers distinguished by being mobile photovoltaic devices designed for gaining and converting solar energy into electricity. The company is looking for partners experienced in distribution and logistics management under distribution services agreement. Also, they seek agents to represent and sale their products in African countries under commercial agency agreement. Moreover, the company is looking for repair and service technicians in those foreign locations.
Description of the offer The Polish company has designed and launched an innovative solution for mobile energy supply source: a mobile solar container designed for gaining and converting solar energy into electricity. It can be delivered and set up anywhere in the world despite lacking electric power infrastructure. The device is built into a regular shipping container, and the company has a patent protection under PCT for this kind of mobile solution. The amount of energy that can be contained by the device varies from 18 kW to over 30 kW. Its capacious energy storage system provides smooth and constant flow of electricity at nighttime or during very poor weather conditions. The device is destined to be used in hard to reach places, where there is no access to the electric energy or its reception is significantly limited. Due to its intelligent setup system, it can start powering any chosen location in approximately 2 hours. For example, a device of 18 kW capacity provides 92 kWh per day. Using the charge regulators and high-efficiency rechargeable storage batteries, the electric energy can be utilized on the current demand and ongoing intake, or it can be stored and utilized later. The device was created as an alternative for traditional fossil fuel and polluting diesel based generators, and as a reply to constantly growing demand for easily available electricity. It produces clean electricity from solar cells that can be used in any way by powering electrical appliances for everyday needs, during the day, after sunset, and at night. The product is designed not only for private sector companies, but also government, military and charity organizations, refugee camps, hospitals, hotels and other entities managing natural disaster or war zones that require constant energy supply. The company is looking for partners who are interested in a mobile photovoltaic source of energy that can be applied in distant or remote places, as well as in case of lacking electrical energy due to natural disasters. The company is interested in distribution services, as well as commercial agency agreements.
Advantages and Innovations The company offers a device that is a completely mobile energy supply solution. It can be easily installed and also dismantled within 2,5 hours. Installation can be performed both by a professional, and a person using the instruction manual (currently under development). The mobile solar container offered by the company is built into an actual shipping container, and this solution is protected by Patent Cooperation Treaty. The user fills in a technical questionnaire that provides information about the amount of electricity demanded. These questions are designed to define and draw up a custom-made programme adapted to the individual needs and energy consumption.
Current Stage of Development The company is in a stage of testing their mobile solar container, and they are building containers of more capacities.Also, they have applied for the patent of the designed devices.
Technological Keywords 04002005 Generators, electric engines and power converters
04002010 Combined heat and power (CHP) engines
04002012 Other energy related machinery
Market Keywords 03003 Power Supplies
03004003 Other electronics related equipment
06002003 Power grid and distribution
06003001 Solar/thermal energy
06003002 Photovoltaic
Copyright Granted patent or patent application essential
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is interested in finding distributors that are expected to maintain the logistics and perform trade intermediary services. The company also seeks commercial agency agreements. The role of an agent would be to diagnose the given area that does not have access to electricity, and adjust the device accordingly. The company would like to work with the local service technicians under services agreement as far as conservation is concerned. They want to expand their business on the international market and are especially interested in African countries.
Date of creation 26.03.2018
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