A Polish manufacturer of innovative scrubbing stones for body and face is looking for distributors and agents

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Summary A Polish company is a producer of innovative scrubbing stones for body and face. This product is a modern replacement for ordinary pumice and any other peeling devices wchich are available on the market and is intended for exfoliation of the epidermis. The company seeks for commercial agents and distributors abroad.
Description of the offer Using the method of natural raw material treatment, which has never been applied in the cosmetics sector, the Polish company produces a worldwide unique skincare accessory for extremely effective skin exfoliation and massage. The product promotes pro-health and pro-ecological consumer behavior: thanks to the ecological composition of the product - to eliminate chemicals from the consumer's daily care rituals; due to product durability - to reduce the amount of municipal waste generated as a result of purchasing consumable products in plastic packaging. The scrubbing stone is a combination of the features of all products for peeling in one, while being much more effective than the others. Stone is a high quality product and is very durable - it does not crumble, it does not change its structure. The customer invests in the product once for a long time. In comparison with competing products of various forms and colors, the stone has a simple, harmonious shape and aesthetic design, thanks to which it fits into any interior and perfectly fits into any architectural style. The company's goal is to universalize the Scrubbing stone and to spread it on the global market as a basic cosmetic accessory supporting effective cleansing and care of the face and body skin for children, women, men of all ages. The final clients of the company are customers of stationary and internet drugstores, clients of ecological shops with health food and natural cosmetic products, clients of beauty salons, SPAs and hotels. Ultimately, the product is designed to be sold in all major drugstore chains and natural cosmetics stores, both stationary and online, and private beauty salons or hotel SPAs as part of a special series of complex treatments. The company would like to find distributors in order to expand their business to foreign countries and is looking for commercial agents willing to introduce their products on local markets abroad.
Advantages and Innovations The purchase of a product will in the long run save the time and money for the customer, because instead of buying a few cosmetic accessories, it can be limited to one, durable product that does not wear out. The product solves many problems related to body and face skin care in a quick and simple way, such as: 1) dry, contaminated facial skin with uneven color; 2) rough, thickened skin of hands, elbows and feet; 3) hardly removable stains and unpleasant odors on hands; 4) ingrown hairs on the skin of the calves resulting from depilation in women; 5) rough, dry skin of the other parts of the body.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
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Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for distributors of cosmetic products, cosmetics wholesalers, retail chains that offer cosmetic products and intermediaries (commercial agents) for the sale of cosmetic products.
Date of creation 28.03.2018
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