A Polish manufacturer of wooden medical couches and screens seeks distributors.

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Summary A Polish company operating in the medical industry for over 8 years has been engaged in the production of medical couches and screens made of solid beech wood during the last year. The products offered are durable and ergonomic. The medical equipment will work in hospitals, spa & wellness, clinics and other medical facilities. The company is looking for foreign distributors and sales representatives with experience in sales for the medical sector.
Description of the offer This Polish company began its activity in the medical sector from running rehabilitation centers. Currently, the company has also launched the production of medical equipment, such as medical couches and screens. These products are made of the highest quality solid beech wood from Poland. Specialists such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, wellness & spa employees participated in the process of developing this equipment. The offered medical couches are available in a size of 207/52/60cm. They are very durable - up to 200 kg. The gas spring is used in the couch - this is the first solution of this type in a wooden couch. The screens are one and two-piece. A one-part screen is available in size 184/90cm. The company distributes its products through an online store, retail and wholesale points. In order to expand the sales markets for the products offered, the company is looking for foreign distributors and trade representatives familiar with the sale of products for the medical sector.
Advantages and Innovations - the company has an established position in the medical sector (from services to production launch), - offered products are made of natural, ecological material, - product features: durability, ergonomics, aesthetic appearance, - the products have been designed in cooperation with medical specialists – company’s employees
Market Keywords 09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought - the company is looking for business partners, - these can be service and/or trade companies with experience with experience in sales for the medical sector, - established contacts with hospitals, spa & wellness, clinics and other medical facilities will be appreciated
Date of creation 05.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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