A Polish SME with long tradition in manufacture of high quality cutting tools offers to be a subcontractor and is looking for trade intermediary services under commercial agency or distribution agreement.

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Summary A Polish medium sized company from metal processing sector offers large range of cutting tools. The company is an experienced exporter and provides comprehensive technical advisory services in scope of selection the relevant product from its portfolio. New industrial and trade partners are sought worldwide. Preferred forms of cooperation are subcontracting, commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
Description of the offer A Polish joint stock company established before 1950 is a producer and exporter of high quality metal tools. In the last period they have adapted their working menthality from just manufacturing tools to comprehensive manufacturing services in scope of technical advising. To ensure the most suitable choice of tools or the method of usage. Their wide production programme covers: - toolholders for replaceable indexable inserts, with the insert fixing systems: S, P, M, C. • toolholders for grooving; • toolholder for parting and undercutting; • toolholders for threading ; • toolholders for ceramic inserts; • milling cutters and face milling cutters; • boring bars; • boring modular system; • indexable inserts drills; • indexable inserts counterbores; • toolholder for parting and undercutting; • brazed turning tools, High-Speed Steel turning tools; Trade offer: indexable inserts of sintered carbide, grooving inserts, inserts for threading, for parting and undercutting. The company is looking for new trade partners (agents, distributors), working in the business of the machining - branches: automotive - producers of car components and spare parts, bearing, aircraft industry, heavy industry. The Polish company offers full marketing support, with the desire to a long term business commitment to provide them with products. Cooperation based on the commercial agency or distribution services agreement is considered. The company offers to be a subcontractor of industrial partners from metal processing sector. It will supply cutting tools and metal machining equipment on contractors demand. Subcontracting agreement is envisaged in that case.
Advantages and Innovations Good technical resources, modern machines and technologies (including laser processing) allowing for making special tools, developed according to the customer needs and production services within CNC machining. Experience in trans-national cooperation. Technical advising unit helps in selection of the relevant cutting tools and multiedge inserts as well as relevant machine cutting parameters.
Market Keywords 08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type of potential partner: industrial and trade companies from the sector of machining tools. Field of activity: production, trade/wholesale, distribution of machining tools. Role of the partner: to act as a commercial agent or distributor/ wholesaler of machining tools and equipment within its regions or national markets. Distributor should have well developed sale structure and/or contacts among relevant industrial branches. Industrial partners such as automotive - producers of car components and spare parts, bearing, aircraft and heavy industry – ready to order subcontracting activities.
Date of creation 24.04.2018
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