A Portuguese company in the area of optoelectronics hardware development is looking for partners under an acquisition agreement and/or a distribution services agreement and/ or a manufacturing agreement.

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Summary A Portuguese limited company based in Lisbon has an expertise in design and development of innovative engineering solutions for commercial and aerospace applications. It has also a good background in optoelectronics development and hardware design for industrial applications. They are looking for potential partners benefiting from this technology to establish an acquisition and/ or distribution services agreement and/ or manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer The Portuguese company´s personal viewer is a high resolution monocular virtual personal display that allows users to see text, schematics or video while having hands-free. The personal viewer of augmented reality offers a true see-through image superimposed to the real scenario compared to others. Thanks to its design and technology you can see a full colour image with high definition, such as in a modern PC monitor. This personal viewer can be used with eyeglasses simultaneously, thanks to the innovative opto-mechanic adjustment mechanism. It allows users to intuitively positioning the image in their field-of-view with optimum comfort. When connected through HDMI interface or wirelessly is easy to use. It mirrors your smartphone, tablet or pc screen. The personal viewer will allow users to perform their activities more secure and efficiently, because it enables hands free while receiving instructions. The personal viewer comprises housing, containing a micros display, a signal conditioning electronics and a custom-made optical system within. The image source (micros display) is adapted to be driven by a wireless remote signal (e.g. coming from a smartphone) in order to generate an image that is transmitted along the optical system. There is a set of lens configured to amplify and collimate the image, and correct the optical aberrations. A front transparent mirror is oriented at an angle such the virtual image is focused into human eye. Two parallel mounting brackets mechanically connect the front mirror to the housing, each mounting brackets have a pivot mechanism, providing several degrees of freedom to adjust the “eye relief” (distance from the pupil to this element) and the possibility to easily replace it. This transparent front mirror is the only component placed in front of the user's eye. The housing is connected to an ergonomic and adjustable stylish head-mounted support containing the remaining electronics. These components allow autonomous operation and free wires, and include, among others, the following: - Wireless display adapter to connect to your equipment (smartphone, table or PC) - Battery pack (replaceable); - Control Buttons (brightness and contrast to indoor and outdoor light conditions adjustment); - Camera to photograph or make a video (optional part). Concerning product applications, there are hundreds of applications where this wireless optoelectronic device can be very useful, like, maintenance, healthcare, avionics, logistics, rescue mission, sport activities, navigation, etc. Maintenance: direct visual access to instructions and hands-free movement while operating tools or machinery. Logistics: displays the next product location to pick up within the facilities Healthcare: provides display of crucial patient data or images during medical procedures. Navigation: displays GPS coordinates for guidance with Hands-free. Rescue missions or radical sports: provides environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, wind, etc.) and geographic data from unknown territory. Avionics: Hands-free to equipment failure assessment and repair. Safety & Security: Provides images in front of the users’ eyes from a remote camera. They are looking for partners to establish an acquisition agreement and/ or a distribution services agreement and/or a manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for investors, by offering some of its shares. Due to the potential of the technologies and the capability to penetrate in several industrial sectors, the company is looking for big market players. It is also open for partners to distribute its products. Moreover, they are also offering their manufacturing capabilities.
Advantages and Innovations Their personal viewer (ViP Display) has two international granted patents. The innovations applied to their device results have several advantages, such as: - a real see-through near-to-eye display; - virtual image projected in front of the user´s eye, which is superimposed to the real world; - very high image definition (users can read font size 9); - Wireless and fully autonomous (can be paired via Wi-Fi to smartphones, tablets or pcs); - It mirrors the information (text, schematics, or video) from this equipment into the user line-of-sight; - No additional software required (it makes use of all the software/apps available in smartphones, tablets, and so one) including all the sensing elements (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.); - Used simultaneously with eye corrective glasses; - It is smaller, cheaper than its equivalent competitors; - Manual control of brightness, contrast, etc.; - Built-in replaceable power supply, autonomous for full work day; - Replaceable front thin transparent optic (e.g. if damaged or scratched; no need to go to factory for repair). Any user/worker using this personal viewer will have hands free and be able to see all the instructions in front his eyes, save some time, be more efficient and work in a more comfortable and enjoyable way. A team motivated to work with a better disposition and a better performance is the wish of any Director/Entrepreneur/Chief, and of course this means higher revenues and customer satisfaction. - Considering a high qualified technician, working for example in logistics or maintenance, he will be able to save at least 1h to 1.5 hrs. per day using this friendly device, which implies savings of 22 to 30hrs/month. If these hours are multiplied by a standard hourly rate in Europe, one can easily conclude that after two to three months the personal viewer (itself) is paid.
Market Keywords 03001009 Other electronics related (including keyboards)
Copyright Granted patent or patent application essential
Comments Regarding IPR Status The personal viewer is an innovative near-to-eye display with two international patents granted: (US12/748975 + EP09075348). It is based in innovative optics design, electronic and mechanical advanced solutions that make this product better than its competitors.
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Acquisition Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought They are looking for potential partners and customers benefiting from the technology, private companies, academic centers or industrial entities. Examples: Software houses that have already their custom-made applications implemented in their customers and need to complement their offer with this auxiliary flexible tool. They are looking for customers all over the world, including different niche markets. There are hundreds of applications for this near-to-eye display. They want to establish an acquisition agreement and/ or a distribution services agreement and/ or a manufacturing agreement.
Date of creation 22.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
Profile from EEN Y

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