A Romanian company offering international freight transport services is looking for cooperation under a service agreement

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Summary The Romanian company offers tailor made, reliable, freight transport services all over Europe, with preference to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. With small trucks, the company bears with high flexibility. The partner sought is any company needing transportation in the limit of 8 europallets per truck. The co-operation sought is a service agreement.
Description of the offer Located in the West Region Romania, the company was founded in 2016 as a start-up. The enthusiasm of the young owner is well balanced by the experienced staff that worked previously in the field. The fleet consists of 2 fully equipped small trucks, with a carrying capacity of 3.5 tons, operated by experienced drivers. The working load of 1250 kg per truck may consist of 8 or 5 europallets. The trucks have all the documents needed for international transportation, including a good freight insurance. The company uses modern tracking technology with GPS (Global Positioning System). The fuel is supplied by a specialised gas station network. The maintenance for the trucks is done by specialised service providers. Until now, the company worked with clients from the freight exchange, doing transports mainly for the automotive industry. The preferred routes are in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, but the company can go to any other EU country too. The company is looking for new service agreements with new partners all over Europe. The partner sought is either a company that needs directly to transport its products or a distribution company.
Advantages and Innovations The main advantage is the high quality of the transport services, through: - High flexibility; - Reliable freight insurance; - Non-stop services; - Gps monitoring; - Qualified and experienced drivers; - Competitive prices.
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Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The partner sought is a company from any EEN country that needs reliable freight transportation in the limit of 1250 working load per truck, with 8 or 5 europallets. It can be: - a manufacturing company needing delivery for its products, or - a distribution company that needs transport on different routes. The partner may buy regular transport services or may ask for occasionally transportation of certain freights on certain routes. The partnership sought is service agreement. The conditions of the contract will be established upon negotiation. Business ethics and mutual respect are important.
Date of creation 02.05.2018
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