A Romanian company offers prefabricated concrete, plaster and cement products under distribution agreements for EU partners

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Summary A Romanian medium sized company, specializing in the manufacture of prefabricated construction elements made of concrete, seeks partners in EU countries. Distribution agreements are considered as the basis of cooperation. The SME is able to produce any kind of pattern or design and thanks to an innovative technology the company is able to produce all the products under competitive prices.
Description of the offer The Romanian company has been dealing with the production of prefabricated concrete, plaster and cement products since 2007. The company is currently operating within the internal market. The fully automated line enables the company to react promptly to the demand of products in very short delivery terms. Wide range of products as well as colours is available. The company is producing 16 different products in 10 basic colours, such as: - pavements, - plywood, - fences, - edges, - decorative elements, - fence, - pillar ridge, - flowerpot, - tiles. The production space is over 1200 sqm where is the fully automated line with the year capacity of 180 000 sqm and 250 pieces of decorative elements, enables the company to react promptly to the demand of products in very short delivery terms. The company would like to close an international cooperation on the basis of distribution services agreement to expand and diversify it’s market and customers. The partner should be a company having very good knowledge of their local market. The company is interested in long term cooperation. The company has long-term experience in providing these products and offers deliveries specified by individual needs and requirements of the client.
Advantages and Innovations The company is over 11 years on the market and is offering facing from light-weight material produced in a fully automated line. The range of products includes 16 range of products with different patterns in 10 basic colours. The line production is innovated every year and the company is using waste-less production technology. The company delivers in short term variety of products and professional advisory at every stage of the investment process. The range of services also includes design, process development and periodic analysis of the quality-price ratio of the products. The multi-year expertise in exploitation of modern construction technologies contributed in offering high quality pattern products. Specific production, which is accompanied by modern technology equipment and heavy machinery like mini station concrete plant, load frontal, mixers, molds of different sizes is ready to react on the demands of the market.
Technological Keywords 02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction
Market Keywords 09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for long time cooperation on the basis of distribution services agreement. Partners may be directly linked to Smart Cities projects development. Task to be performed: The sought partner should distribute the products into its activity area. The agreement conditions are flexible. The partner should help the company to broaden activity of the company on the new market. The conditions and exclusivity can be discussed.
Date of creation 18.04.2018
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