A Romanian company specialised in software solutions offers computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering services to international partners under a services agreement.

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary The Romanian computer-aided engineering firm, providing specialized services in the automotive, energy, defence, medical and aerospace industries, is interested in expanding its business internationally and cooperating with foreign partners under a services agreement. Partners are sought regardless of their country of origin.
Description of the offer The Romanian company specialises in a wide range of computer-engineering testing and consulting services, aiming to offer its customers a variety of 3D services tailored to their needs, targets and available budget: aerodynamics; design; power train analysis; nonlinear optimisation; impact analysis according to European regulations and directives; material characterisation. Specific services include: • finite element analysis: structural and thermal analysis; noise, vibration, and harshness; multi-body dynamics; impact; fatigue • computational fluid dynamics: complete capability (fluid structure interaction included) • plastics mould flow simulation • design: complex castings; plastics; mechanisms; assemblies • aerodynamics: airfoil calculation; lift and drag prediction; flutter; stability • power-train analysis: internal combustion engines; transmissions; generators • optimisation tools: non-linear optimisation w/ complex shape variables • crash and impact analysis: vehicle crash according to ECE-UN regulations and EC directives; occupant kinematics; bird strike • materials characterisation: composite; hyper-elastic; metals fracture The company is interested in offering engineering services to foreign partners under a services agreement. The company would like to further expand its business internationally, to gain visibility on new markets and to increase its business potential. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for the firm to participate in exchanges of good practices and acquire new professional skills that will allow its team to perform better, adapt more efficiently to international market requests and understand and meet customer demands.
Advantages and Innovations The company offers professional technical advice on digital product development and engineering services such as 3D modelling, scalable digital simulation and Computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis. The solutions the company offers ensure the optimisation of the product development process, by improving product design and reducing prototype development costs. The company identifies and implements the right simulation programmes and services solution for the needs and specific objectives of their customers. By providing high quality and training services and software, customers become more productive and competitive. In order to be able to meet both market and customer demands the company dedicates resources to staff training. It improves the professionalism and training of its employees, hence ensuring high quality results which reflect in its products and services. The company also supports and promotes environmental protection activities through education and direct involvement of its employees.
Market Keywords 02002001 CAD/CAM, CAE systems
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company would like to collaborate with medium and large-sized manufacturers of finished products and/ or research and development (R&D) firms that create prototypes and are in need of specific, specialised product design and testing services. Partners are expected to offer technical details and exact information about their expectations and/ or objectives in relation to a specific commissioned project, before work is started.
Date of creation 18.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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