A Romanian ICT integrator and developer of high quality innovative hardware and software applications used in digital signage projects offers cooperation based on a distribution services agreement or a services agreement for partners from abroad.

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary Romanian ICT company has developed software applications in the field of digital signage for advertising purposes. Using digital kiosks in steed of physical forms of advertising the costs can be reduced. The information put on all digital kiosks can be very easy modified through a PC or other devices using an internet connection. The company is searching business partners interested in a distribution services agreement or a services agreement for its software applications
Description of the offer A Romanian software company offers an integrated, full of features application, for client’s digital kiosk solution. The application can be used for indoor and outdoor digital on-screen marketing for products and services. The offered software application stands out due to it speed, simplicity, real time reaction to changes and low resources needed to install and run. Can be controlled from everywhere with an internet connection from any device, desktop or mobile. It has the capability to display on hundreds of kiosks simultaneously images, sound and full video on highest definition. The application is deployed worldwide. It comes with a simple and powerful administration dashboard. (See fig 1 in attachment). Specific registered users can login and create scenarios. Scenarios are pushed with a click of a button (or mobile action) to the kiosk network. The server and kiosk connections is real time and blazing fast in loading new slides, images, audio and video. From the dashboard the kiosks can be monitored for functionality and user interactions. From a mobile or a web console it is possible to use the product dashboard to create scenarios. The scenarios are pushed into the network to be displayed on all kiosks managed and assigned to the specific area. As many scenarios are necessary can be created. No costs are associated anymore with the management of roll-ups, images, prints and other physical form of advertising. The features already developed and working are listed below: 1. Application dashboard 2. User administration with highly secured login verification schemes 3. Display and scenarios management 4. Timely , continuous loop, specific day and hour display 5. Kiosk network sanity check 6. User interaction allowed from kiosks 7. Hardware integration successfully completed for multiple Android devices, iOS, smart TV and smart kiosks platforms The company is searching for a business partner interested in using the developed application in its activity based on a distribution services or a services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The software for a digital signage project, developed by the company has a cloud-based architecture pushing content-rich information to digital devices everywhere in the world. It is at the center for all client’s digital signage needs, from building and distributing dynamic content to remotely managing a network of touchscreen displays, digital signs, video walls and interactive kiosks.
Current Stage of Development The company’s solution is available for immediate deployment according the client’s needs. However where required certain customization can be implemented, based on a clear contract
Technological Keywords 01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01004004 ASP Application Service Providing
Market Keywords 01003 Facsimile Transmission
01004002 Data communication components
01004008 Other data communications
02007027 Other software services
Copyright Secret Know-how
Comments Regarding IPR Status The application’s know-how is property of the Romanian company
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The partner sought should be a distributor, a direct buyer or a re-seller.
Date of creation 26.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
Profile from EEN Y

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