A Singapore company is looking to provide its consulting and market research services, as well as business development support to European companies wishing to enter or expand their business in Singapore and South East Asia through a service agreement.

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Summary This Singapore based company’s aim is to help European SMEs wanting to expand in South East Asia with their limited resources, both managerial and economic, toward the right direction; while maintaining a practical and result-oriented approach. The company is looking to provide their consulting services, marketing research and contract management services through a services agreement.
Description of the offer The Singapore company was established in 2013. The company provides personalised services such as the following ones: Market Entry The company provides a comprehensive package that includes commercial and regulatory feasibility study, commercial database build-up, and opportunity assessment. It also helps companies to navigate the complexities of setting up a business in South Eeast Asia by acting as project coordinator and linking them up with other service providers in this region. Business Development The company provides commercial network services, including the search and training of new importers and distributors, the management of existing ones, both in Singapore and in Southeast Asia. In addition, it helps European companies to organize sales and promotion actives, including the participation to local fairs and exhibitions. Strategic Operations The company provides management consulting services (target search, negotiation support, commercial due diligence, etc.) to those European companies aiming to expand their business through the acquisition of a local company or by entering into a joint venture agreement. It also helps to carry out the location search and negotiate the best terms with local authorities, in case of industrial capacity investment and set-up. The company is seeking to provide the above services as well as business development support to European SMEs wishing to enter or expand their business in Singapore and South East Asia through a service agreement.
Advantages and Innovations - The founder is an Italian national who has been living and working in Asia for the past 15 years including Hong Kong, China and Singapore, assisting foreign enterprises in entering and growing their business into the Asia Pacific region. He has an extensive background in commercial management, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, company establishment, strategic planning and business development, on behalf of the numerous companies he has served as a management consultant in various industries. - Strong network of professional contacts encompassing international business law firm, tax consultancy, relocation services and financial advisory. Coupled with the founder’s entrepreneurial experience and expertise in market research, sales & distribution and operations administration, clients will benefit from valuable insights and strategic solutions for their expansion needs. - The founder has a very personal approach in working with clients. He personally deals with customers and distributors and believes in providing total support in promoting and selling clients’ products.
Market Keywords 01001004 Other commercial communications
09003005 Consulting services
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The ideal candidates for commercial agency agreement should be European SMEs, mainly (but not only) from traditional sectors such as F&B, Food Ingredients and Equipment, Machinery, Luxury, Interior Design & Furniture, Healthcare, Construction, etc. which requires support and value to set up businesses in Singapore or in SEA.
Date of creation 16.04.2018
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