A Singapore industrial automation company is looking to deploy their smart industrial and wireless sensor solution for remote monitoring of equipment, warehousing and supply chain logistics across Europe through a distribution services agreement.

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Summary The Singapore company is looking for partnerships with companies in Europe through a distribution services agreement to provide Internet Of Things (IOT) solutions for agriculture, building automation, supply chain visibility and farm automation solutions. This integrated solution comprises of sensor devices, gateways, dash-board software and analytics tools.
Description of the offer This Singapore company established since 2013 has been providing IOT solutions for agriculture, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries enabling business process streamlining and supply chain visibility. This smart industry solution uses ready to use industrial IOT application, wireless sensors and leading data analytics platforms for remote monitoring of equipment, warehousing and supply chain logistics for the following: 1. Remote tracking & condition monitoring - Cold chain: temperature and humidity variations in industries like healthcare, food processing, paints, paper mills, etc. - Construction industry: trucks, construction equipment, generators, heavy machinery, trailers and service vehicles - Healthcare: critical assets including ambulances, equipment, devices, instruments - Industrial Automation: offshore drills, power grid, oil & gas tanks and smart meters - Transportation and logistics: cargo, containers, fleets of vehicles and other goods 2. Logistics monitoring and management system - This allows obtaining real time data from automated data logging, data insights dashboard, instant alerts and notifications. - The encrypted and transmitted data are usually in numerals and would not make any sense to hackers. - Tack the location of business assets, anytime, anywhere and thereby prevent theft, unauthorized movement and misplacement of the assets. 3. Indoor smart farm automation - Delivers new insights on equipment, soil conditions and environmental conditions, inventory and optimal utilization. - Perform predictive analysis of crops and livestock and preventive maintenance of farm equipment. 4. Warehouse and building automation Solutions that provides end-to-end automation of various building and factory equipment devices through sensor integration, wireless connectivity, data management and security for better productivity and cost optimization - Automatic gate and door opening systems - Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) - LED lighting - Lighting control
Advantages and Innovations This company’s engineering team brings more than 10 years of experience in deploying industrial grade IOT solutions around the Asia and Africa region for various Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and industries– comprising of custom built and off the shelf sensor devices, dashboards for monitoring, configuration on cloud, building IOT platform, introductory level predictive analytics, deep learning and R&D skills. This team has built a considerable expertise from designing, prototyping, integrating IOT devices from vendors across the globe and providing reporting tools and predictive analytics using Tensor flow etc. Some of the company’s service advantages: Industrial IOT application It’s a ready to use industrial IOT application created using open source technology like Drupal, Node Red, and REST etc. This IOT application enables integration of various types of wireless sensors, cloud technology and data analytics platforms. Wireless Sensors This company has partnered with genuine industrial grade wireless sensor manufacturers to ensure quality and security. These new generation wireless sensors are designed in Europe and comply with the EU standards. Wireless Sensors for monitoring motion, temperature, humidity, relative humidity and tilt. On premises Installation: This company’s IOT solution can be installed as an on premise solution or as a cloud based solution. On-premises solution can work in collaboration with other ERP systems and for cloud based system integration with Cumulocity is preferred. The configuration, installation and integration requires less than 60 days.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The ideal partner for distributor services agreement should be companies that are focused on system integration and automation solutions and have similar products in the industry. The exclusive partner should be well versed with the industry, have existing customers that they are supplying to and is able to manage the system integration, maintenance, supply chain as well as hold an inventory in their respective country of operations.
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