A Slovenian producer of wooden playhouses for children is looking for distributors

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Summary A Slovenian company is producing children’s playhouses made of natural materials. Through possibilities of customized construction they offer creative carefree play and help develop the child’s imagination as well as encourage physical movement. The company is looking for distribution agreements worldwide.
Description of the offer The Slovenian company established in 2013 is producing children’s playhouses with accessories and toys made out of natural materials, mostly plywood-birch. The children’s playhouses design is well thought out. They provide a carefree play area for the children as well as a “place of their own” - being natural and inspiring. They provide a lot of creative and playful ideas which encourage children’s imagination and originality as well as the feeling for practicality and aesthetics. They encourage the children to move and improve their sense of space. The playhouses are intended primarily for children age 2 to 6. The company followed the European Standards for Playground Equipment and got the certification for safety use. Protective coating also follows The European Standards for Toys. The certification is provided by the producer of coatings. Another product are small creative houses, that can be put together by a child himself/herself and used as a toy. A child can dress them up using colourful threads. They stimulate logical thinking when assembling; they strengthen imagination when creating new patterns; they improve fine motor skills when putting the thread through the holes. The company wants to expand its presence on foreign markets and sell its products abroad. It is therefore looking for distributors of children’s playhouses and its accessories, with existing networks within the sector.
Advantages and Innovations The playhouse can be put together quickly. A single person can do it in less than 5 minutes, without needing tools or screws. When not needed, it can be easily disassembled and put away. It doesn’t take much space. The playhouses stimulate logical thinking, fine motoric skills and imagination as well as socializing through play. • adults can join too (they can be a visitor, chimneysweep, postman or they can create a puppet theatre) • the are made of natural materials (wood) as opposed to plastic • different geometric shapes enable the children to use parts of the houses in various ways • playing in the house conditions the child to a space similar to home with lots of safe crawling spaces • there are no sharp edges or corners; round shapes guarantee safety and cosiness • the walls can be plastered with paper – a child can copy the shapes (which are made in wood), colour, draw, compose his/her own picture, thus discovering new elements • a child can learn the following concepts: outside, inside, in front of, behind, up, down • with the help of an adult a child can (dis)assemble the house and thus use abstract thinking, perception and succession • a small version of the playhouse can be carved into wood or cut out and put together (with a help of an adult) • it is aesthetic, thus stimulating children’s sense of beauty • may be painted on with a special home-made mixture. After being dried one can write on it (just like writing on a board)
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company wants to expand its presence abroad. It is therefore looking for retailers, importers, distributors and dealers of children products or toys worldwide. The company is looking for a reliable and long-term partner to cooperate with via distribution agreements. The partner should: - Have good access to children toys and equipment sector to be able to promote and sell the company's products. - Have the ability and the channels to sell the company's products in the specific region of the country they are located in. - Comply with any stock and logistics requirements. - Have good experience in international cooperation.
Date of creation 04.04.2018
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