A Swedish company are looking for distributors and manufacturers of chromatographic instruments for distribution service agreements

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Summary A Swedish company specialized in products for analysis of ions are now looking for distribution service agreements with distributors and manufacturers of instruments for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ion chromatography (IC) that want to improve and broadening their offer to customers in the field of ion chromatography by adding the company´s chemical membrane suppressor and automatic suppressor regenerator to their product portfolio.
Description of the offer The company was founded in 2014 by researchers at Umeå University, Sweden. The company is privately owned and operates in fully equipped laboratories in the local science park. The company is supported by the one of Sweden's most successful Life Science Incubators and have also receives project funds from the Swedish innovation agency. The company's two main products, sold under the same brand line, includes a chemical membrane suppressor coupled to an automatic regeneration system, that together enable analysis of negatively charged anions down to concentrations at parts per million/ppm (µg/kg) and parts per billion/ppb (ng/kg) levels. The combination of the two system fits to every instrument for IC and HPLC and can also be employed with stand-alone chromatography pumps and detectors of many different brands. The product line includes products for one-time installation as well as consumables that are replaced on a regular basis and all items are compatible with the ion chromatography products previously manufactured by Merck KGaA. Full technical and chemical documentation are included with the products and can also be downloaded from the company's website. All products are available for fast delivery from stock with rapid and reliable shipment services, and with quick handling of orders and technical questions. Marketing material and demo products for shows and exhibitions can be made available on request. With a broad and deep scientific expertise in liquid chromatographic analysis and a well-equipped laboratory, the company offers a high level of technical support for all products in the branded product line. The company also offers contract-based services within ion chromatography and can for example perform development, validation and adaption of analysis methods to different column chemistries and situations. They are now looking for distribution agreements with partners on a global basis in order to offer their products to both new and old users of ion chromatographic instruments. The company aims for long-term partnerships.
Advantages and Innovations - Products that are well proven - Products with existing customers on a global basis - Product development and innovation - Excellent scientific support from the supplier on methods and applications
Technological Keywords 05001001 Analytical Chemistry
05004001 Filtration and Membrane Processes
Market Keywords 03007001 Chromatographs and related laboratory equipment
03007003 Other analytical and scientific instrumentation
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The partner sought would ideally be a distributor or a manufacturer of ion chromatographic instruments. They have an existing client base and can take responsibility of the sales in one of more global markets. The Swedish company will give the partner all necessary support, as for instance demos, promotion material and second line technical support to end-users and can also provide advanced services such as ion chromatographic analysis method development, method validation and method adaption to different column chemistries and situations.
Date of creation 15.04.2018
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