A Turkish company from textile sector is looking for distribution service or manufacturing agreements

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Summary The Turkish company was established in 1982. The company continues its activities in textile sector. It serves in the production of all types of textile products that industry needs as staff uniform and promotional textile areas. The company is looking for distribution service or manufacturing agreements.
Description of the offer A Turkish company is producing staff uniform and also producing in promotional textile areas. The company always gives particular importance to the quality and customer satisfaction. With more than 33 years of experience in the textile industry, they are able to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices. They fulfill all their customers' needs and expectations in a timely and good manner. The company, which really cares about customer satisfaction, always adopts the standards that will improve the quality of service by being open to new ideas. Their priority targets are to be able to provide best service to their customers with high quality and reasonable price policy by determining customer expectations very well. They also produce fashion design products for export as women, men and children in knitted outerwear groups right along with staff clothes. Their products are sold in stores in various countries of Europe including their long-time customers’ countries like Denmark, England, Germany and Poland. Their monthly capacity is 100.000 pieces and the loading term of new order is 5-6 weeks, and repeats within 3-4 weeks. The company is seeking a distributor to open new international markets. The company is looking for distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement in the textile, fashion or wholesaling sectors.
Advantages and Innovations - High production capacity Their monthly capacity is 100.000 pieces. This capacity is really high in the textile sector of Turkey. - Well experienced in the sector The company is founded in 1982 and working in the sector for 36 years. - Wide product range They usually produce as per order of customers. - Experienced about foreign trade Their products are sold in stores in various countries of Europe including their customers in Denmark, England, Germany and Poland and France. The company also have quality control certificate.
Market Keywords 09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type: SME which are working in textile sector or which are seller, wholesaler of textile products Activty: Textile, fashion, wholesaling in the textile sector Role: Distributor, buyer of the textile products It would be an advantage if the potential partner has experience about foreign trade.
Date of creation 10.05.2018
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