A UK manufacturer of medical treatment, examination & rehabilitation furniture seeks distributors all across Europe

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Summary A UK company designs and manufactures medical furniture for improved ergonomics and patient care. The company is enjoying healthy growth and is now seeking partners across Europe. Distribution agreements are sought with vendors of medical furniture into healthcare systems.
Description of the offer A UK company started 10 years ago by industry veterans, has become a leading manufacturer in the country of medical furniture such as couches, trolleys, seating and home care beds. Amongst others, it was a supplier to the Olympic Games. This was possible thanks to the highly qualified team of designers and engineers who continuously innovate to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. New products are developed with ergonomics and improved quality of patient care in mind. In addition, the company has introduced patient moving and handling solutions. The pictures show just a handful of products in the broad range. The company also provides a wide choice of medical couches and accessories to cater for various examination procedures as well as different manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. It also stocks spare parts and upholstery. The company has moved to bigger premises thanks to solid growth. It now seek distributors all across Europe.
Advantages and Innovations Innovative and cost-effective designs, a highly motivated production, marketing and distribution organisation are the key dynamics for the company’s growth and success. They are committed to providing a value proposition with cost competitive quality products, top level value added service and technical support to all the customers, whilst ensuring the operations have minimal detrimental effect upon local and global environments.
Technological Keywords 06001023 Medical Furniture
Market Keywords 05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type of partner sought: industry. Specific area of partner sought: SME vendors of medical furniture to healthcare systems. Distributors of medical furniture such as couches, trolleys, seating and home care beds are sought to conclude distribution services agreements.
Date of creation 24.04.2018
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