A Ukraine producer of a wide range of construction products such as metal roofing, trapezoid wall and roof panels, three-layer insulated panels, facade systems and various accessories is looking for distributors

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Summary A Ukrainian steel roofing and cladding materials producer offers a wide range of materials for the facade or roofing and aims to contract a long-term distribution agreement. Its eleven factories are equipped with high-end automatic types of machinery produced by leading companies from Italy, Finland and Poland. This allows manufacturing products with different specifications and precise geometry complying with the European standard of quality.
Description of the offer The Ukrainian company was founded in 1997. The company is a major producer of the wide range of construction products as metal roofing, trapezoid wall and roof panels, three-layer insulated panels, facade systems, galvanized profiles, rain gutter systems and various range of accessories. The company uses extensive product knowledge and industry expertise to bring value to every project. Manufacturing capacities consist of eleven factories with total floor space more than 70 000 m2 strategically allocated all over Ukraine to ensure swift standard order delivered within 48 hours. The range of products: • Metal roofing with 4 different shapes to meet challenge for any type of building design • Standing seam metal roofing • Eleven types of wall and roofing trapezoid panels with rib heights ranging from 8mm to commercial scale (grade) – 100mm. • Fireproofed 3-layer insulated roofing and wall panels for swift, durable and energy efficient construction (6 different designs) • Metal façade systems for private and commercial use • High-quality rain gutter system with limited warranty for 50 years • Range of galvanized profiles for building construction and interior use • And more than 1000 different accessories. The company is ready to collaborate with distributors and intermediates to supply customers with the best goods in other categories as insulation, sky windows, hydro & vapor barrier film, ventilation, sealant and many more these products in order to expand its sales geography and providing high-quality products at the reasonable price to a potential partner that is well aware of the market particularities in the country it operates in the form of distribution services agreement. The partner promotes interests of the company and receives specification from clients indicating their needs, the company, from its side, is providing requested goods in terms determined by the partner beforehand. This type of cooperation will provide mutual benefits to the company and the foreign partner, lowering expenses of both sides.
Advantages and Innovations The company works directly with local and foreign mills to control the quality of each coil of steel supplied to ensure that customers get the final product with the exact ordered characteristics. The producer sources their steel ranging from top factories from Europe to more price-conscious steel producers from China.
Market Keywords 09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The potential partners of the company are distributors of construction materials. Type: building sector or distributor of construction products. Activity: production or retail building materials. Role: it is expected from the partner to be experienced in the mentioned field (retailing of construction products) and has contacts.
Date of creation 13.04.2018
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