A Ukrainian farm is looking for partners for the modernization of a comprehensive agricultural enterprise for the purpose of joint production and sale of environmentally friendly natural and health food

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary A private farm located in the western part of Ukraine is looking for partners to modernize the production complex to create a closed-loop company to produce environmentally friendly and health-improving food products using regional wildlife and agricultural raw materials, energy resources and materials of its own production. It is assumed that the partnership will be in the form of joint venture agreement or financial agreement.
Description of the offer The farm located in the western part of Ukraine has in its use three land plots with a total area of 19 hectares: 1. The plot of 12 hectares is occupied by a livestock complex, designed to hold 2000 heads of cattle. The complex is used by appointment. 2. There are three large-format buildings of the production type on the area of 4.5 hectares. It is planned to be located there: - shop for meat processing; - milk processing workshop; - shop of semi-finished goods; - drying shop; - deep frost shop; - shop of canned fruits and vegetables; - quality control laboratory. 3. A plot of 2.5 hectares has a warehouse complex with appropriate electrical supply and railway access roads as an internal and European standard. If necessary, there is a potential opportunity to increase the area of each of the listed plots. The farm is looking for partners for the modernization of the agricultural enterprise in three directions: - modernization of the livestock complex with application of the newest production technologies and in-depth quality control of the received products; organization of production of natural products and their processing for health-improving food products (plot 1 and plot 2); - manufacture of health-improving foodstuffs on the basis of regional wildlife raw materials and agricultural organic raw materials of their own production (plot 2); - functional modernization of the plot 3 for warehouse and logistics purposes and the location of a technological complex for the processing of waste products and their subsequent use for obtaining thermal energy. On all points, the farm is ready to consider cooperation on the basis of a joint venture agreement if the partner has additional resources for the modernization of the farm or on the basis of a financial contract if the partner is ready to invest in the modernization, or other, depending on the partner’s offer/request.
Advantages and Innovations Main advantages: 1. All production sites are located in environmentally friendly areas. 2. A wide variety of wild plants that can provide a rich assortment of natural ingredients for the manufacture of health food. 3. There is a potential for attracting to the production of raw materials on their own land plots of the population of the region on a network basis under the agronomic guidance of specialists in the farm and appropriate laboratory control. 4. The enterprise considers variants of participation in cluster associations of similar kinds of activity. 5. The farm has an advantageous location in relation to the transport routes, both internal and cross-border (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus).
Technological Keywords 07001002 Animal Production / Husbandry
07001003 Biocontrol
07001004 Crop Production
07002004 Silviculture, Forestry
08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
Market Keywords 05009001 Food & feed ingredients
07003002 Health food
Type of Partnership Required Financial Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Farm is looking for partners who are interested in modernizing the farm, described in this profile, for the purpose of joint business or investment for profit. We are also looking for collaborations on mutually beneficial terms with European cluster entities of a related field of activity
Date of creation 03.05.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact N
Profile from EEN Y

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