Agents and distributors are requested by a Cypriot manufacturer of all kinds of hygienic paper.

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Summary A Cypriot manufacturing company of all kinds of hygienic paper is seeking exclusive commercial agency and distribution services agreements with companies from abroad. Potential partners should act as agents and distributors in order to represent and sell the Cypriot company’s products in their countries.
Description of the offer The Cypriot company, which was established in 2011, deals with the production of hygienic paper such as toilet paper, kitchen roll, napkins paper, hand towels and facial tissues in different packaging sizes. The company offers product portfolio ranging from white standard paper rolls up to its premium rolls with special embossing and imprints. Some of its products are 100% virgin paper and others are 70% recycled paper and 30% pure virgin paper. The company’s paper products are also chlorine – free bleached, unscented, and they have resilience with absorbability. The toilet paper has the following characteristics: environmentally friendly, wafer with micro-pores, water soluble, 2ply different dimensions in different labels. It also provides an array of napkins of different colours. The company’s products are produced in packages targeted at hotel units’, hospitals etc. In addition, the company offers to manufacture its products under private labelling. The Cypriot company is seeking exclusive commercial agency and distribution services agreements with companies from Europe and beyond. It is looking for experts in hygiene services, wholesalers, cleaning suppliers for hotels, restaurants, chains of supermarkets, and other trading companies that supply all kinds of hygienic paper. Potential partners should act as exclusive agents in order to represent and earn a commission on the sale of products to the end clients as well as distributors and sell the products of the Cypriot company in their countries with a profit margin.
Advantages and Innovations The company produces contemporary hygiene paper products for the most varied consumer requirements. It has high production capacity and its products are considered of low cost. The company’s products are produced under strict and high quality control process according to ISO 9001:2008.
Market Keywords 08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Potential partners should be companies which are experts in washroom hygiene services and cleaning suppliers. They should also be suppliers of all kinds of hygienic paper to HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants, café), supermarkets, wholesalers, carwashes, etc. They should have an excellent experience in representing and/or distributing all kinds of hygienic paper. Potential agents should represent exclusively the Cypriot company’s products. Potential distributors should have well-organised distribution networks and good clienteles. Transnational cooperation of the potential partners should be considered.
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