Agents and distributors are requested by a Cypriot manufacturer of ice cream.

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Summary The Cypriot company, which is one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in the island, is seeking commercial agency as well as distribution services agreements with companies from Europe and beyond. Potential agents and distributors from abroad should represent and sell the high quality ice cream products of the Cypriot company in their countries.
Description of the offer The Cypriot company, which was founded in 1973, is one of the country’s largest ice cream manufacturers and is well-known for producing high quality ice cream products as well as ice cube. The company has grown from a small workshop to a modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facility that continuously develops new products and unique flavours while insisting on using only natural ingredients such as fresh milk and eggs supplied exclusively from local farmers. Except from the manufacturing, the Cypriot company is also involved in the distribution and wholesale of a wide range of ice cream products as well as in retail sales, through its chain of privately owned and operated ice cream shops, as well as through its wholesale distribution network. The company’s manufacturing facility has the ability to manufacture any custom flavour of ice cream, at volumes ranging from a single pallet to a 40ft container, and more. It offers high quality ice cream and sorbets in a variety of over 40 flavours, made only with fresh milk, fresh eggs and fresh fruits. Its ice cream products are available in sizes of 100-200ml cups for impulse products as well as in sizes from 500ml to 5L tubs for the supermarket and companies in HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafe) sector. The Cypriot company always evolves and pushes towards finding ways, through research and development, to satisfy the demanding and make changes the ice cream market. Some examples of these innovations and research fields are: • a high protein ice cream • mini ice cream bites • low fat and no added sugar ice cream, suitable for diabetics with the use of the all-natural sweetener stevia • sorbet with the use of vegetable protein to give a unique texture and mouthfeel • lactose free ice cream • organic ice cream • gluten free ice cream Further, the company offers private labelling and customised recipes and flavours (minimum quantities apply). The company meets strict quality standards at every stage of the work process: in the beginning with the arrival of raw materials, the FIFO (first-in, first-out) processing, production, packing, storage and distribution. The company is constantly improving its quality assurance and quality control processes, implementing food safety systems and ensuring the occupational safety and health of its employees. It maintains the highest standards of food safety and quality in accordance with the ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food safety system. The Cypriot company is already engaged in transnational cooperation. It imports products from Greece and Spain. Also, it has exported to the UK. The Cypriot company is seeking commercial agency and distribution services agreements with companies from Europe and beyond. It is looking for companies active in HORECA industry, chains of supermarkets and retail ice cream shops to act as agents in order to represent the Cypriot company's products and earn a commission on the sale of goods to the end clients as well as to act as distributors and sell its products with a profit margin in their countries.
Advantages and Innovations The Cypriot company has 44 years of experience in ice cream production which assures its excellent knowledge, understanding and expertise in this sector. The company's ice cream is produced using locally sourced, natural and fresh ingredients such as milk, eggs and fruit while keeping overrun (air incorporation) at relatively low levels. The company has the capability to manufacture any unique, unusual and exotic flavor, such as lemon mint sorbet, pickled ginger sorbet, carob honey, prickly pear, ouzo, whiskey, fig, rosewater, basil, clove and many more. The cost of the products is comparable to competitors who use alternative ingredients of lower quality, artificial flavorings and much higher overrun levels. The implementation of the ISO 22000:2005 food safety standard, with distinction awards every year, ensures the safety of the company's products as well as the consistent high quality in the production.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Potential partners should be chains of supermarkets, retail ice cream shops, companies active in HORECA industry (hotels, restaurants, cafe) and other trading companies having an excellent experience in the distribution and sale of similar frozen goods or ice cream. They should also have frozen storage facilities and frozen well-organized distribution network. All ice cream products of the Cypriot company should be stored in temperatures below -18°C. Frozen storage facilities should be large enough to accommodate at least 1x20ft container pallets. Potential partners should have an existing customer base in their countries.
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