Agents and distributors sought for improved, precision, microtitre plates and holders.

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Summary An improved design has been developed for the ubiquitous microplate by a UK company. Significant advantages are offered in terms of reliability and consistency of assay results while promoting improved health & safety for laboratory operatives at the same price of a standard microplate. Agents and distributors are sought to establish sales in medical, pharmaceutical and bio-science supplies’ markets across Europe and the rest of the world.
Description of the offer Microtitre plates (microplates) are an essential component of the multiple diagnostic and development assay techniques that underpin much medical, pharmaceutical, bioscientific and agriculture related research and development and testing activity today. Microplates are used by academia and commercial companies alike and current estimates suggest that the world market for microplates was worth £634 million by the end of 2016. In these applications, high quality assay results in terms of “Z numbers” (indicating signal to noise ratio and the standard deviation about the mean of the results) are essential. However, current microplate design serves to compromise this quality by causing incomplete removal of solutions during handling (manual or automated), promoting damage to the biological material in the wells and lack of control of the interaction between the pipettes and the microplates. There is also the increased risk of harm to operators due to hazardous solutions used and repetitive strain injuries through current microplate handling methodologies. A new, UK based SME has designed, developed and patented a greatly improved microplate and holder that address these issues. The design improves accuracy and precision of assay results. The holder ensures that the microplate is tipped at a defined angle to ensure maximum removal of all solutions in the washing and cleaning procedure. The individual wells of the microplates themselves have unique design features that ensure precise location of each pipette tip prior to discharge of the pipette contents minimising damage to biological materials previously placed in the wells. The pictures hereunder include a diagram to illustrate just one advantage: microplates protect both the science (cells in this example) and ensure removal of solution in one action. For example, for drug discovery in cancer research. When looking to identify a new anti-cancer drug, cells are grown in the microplate wells and the drug applied. With standard microplates, an unwanted side effect of current microplate handling and maintenance processes are the cells are easily removed so there will be the doubt that it was not the action of the anti-cancer drug that killed (removed) the cancer cells. This means lots of repeats. With the new microplates the chances of this occurring are massively reduced. Any cell death (removal) is more likely to have occurred due to the action of the drug rather than the mechanical processes used during microplate handling and maintenance. This means less repeats, less work hours, fewer microplates used and more chance of identifying a potential therapeutic drug. All of this results in cost savings for the end users. Statistically robust laboratory tests have demonstrated the benefits and a third party proof of concept trial have confirmed the major advantages of these products. Having established a partnership with an experienced precision injection moulding company, costs will allow these products to be sold at prices which are the same as current, inferior microplate products. Agents and distributors are now sought in medical, pharmaceutical, bio-scientific testing and R&D markets across Europe and worldwide. On top of just stocking the product, agents and distributors should provide feedback from early adopters and interested parties. The UK company remains to offer training and projects to demonstrate the advantages to new users.
Advantages and Innovations • increased consistency and confidence by reducing variation; • provision of uniform, gentle and improved solution exchanges; • protect your science; • easy to use; • work in manual and automated systems; • fit existing readers and washers; • reduce repeats and wastage; • are priced similarly to standard microplates but offer superior quality. • first evaluation resulted in the technology being cited in 5 scientific papers in high impact journals and supported a patent application for a new diagnostic test.
Current Stage of Development Mould manufacture for mass production by precision injection moulding is complete. 30,000 units can be manufactured per month. ISO9001 accredited production facility.
Technological Keywords 06002002 Cellular and Molecular Biology
06002007 In vitro Testing, Trials
Market Keywords 04006 Cellular and Molecular Biology
04009 In vitro Testing, Trials
04013 Stem cells and biobanks
Comments Regarding IPR Status UK, Europe, Australia and China patents granted. Applications waiting to be granted in the US, Canada and India.
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Agents or distributors who are already established in local medical, pharmaceutical, bio-science research & development and testing supplies markets to develop sales of the improved microplates and holders across Europe and worldwide.
Date of creation 17.04.2018
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