An independent French manufacturer of wound care solutions and anti-pressure ulcer equipment is looking for distributors

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Summary A French company, with long-lasting experience in the development and manufacturing of quality wound care supports, seeks foreign distributors or sales agents with experience in the distribution of similar products. The products incorporate last generation and innovative medical technologies and are oriented towards clinical outcomes, cost efficiency, people's comfort and well-being. The primary intended product purpose is pressure ulcer prevention and treatment in care facilities and at home.
Description of the offer The company's expertise stems from decades of development and manufacturing of wound care product solutions. The current company markets are France and Europe. The product portfolio includes: - therapeutic mattresses, whether active air, memory foam or hybrid, - active air seat cushions, - repositioning cushions, - technical aids. In Europe, the cost of illness associated with pressure ulcers consumes up to 4% of the annual health care budget. Pressure ulcers are common, affecting 20% of all patients, 50% to 80% are facility acquired and they cause 60,000 deaths every year. Pressure ulcer prevalence is 2-4 in 1,000 individuals and affects approximately 2 million people. 20% to 25% of beds are occupied by pressure ulcer patients. Average time to pressure ulcer healing is 224 days. Since the cost of pressure ulcer prevention is on average 3.6 times less than the cost of treatment, focus is placed on product benefits that enhance prevention, including the high risk population: those suffering from multiple complications up to full thickness pressure ulcers. Particular emphasis is placed on clinical outcomes that encompass but are not limited to: - redistributing pressures by transferring loading from risk areas with lower support capability to lower risk areas with higher support capability, and by increasing contact surface, tissue perfusion and comfort, - low pressure therapy and optimum air pressure signature to maintain tissue viability, - limited shear and friction (mechanical forces that, together with pressure, contribute to tissue injury and pressure ulcer formation), - individual air cell deflation that can help achieve zero pressure underneath at-risk areas of the body or prone positioning to improve respiratory gas exchange in pulmonary or cardiovascular complications, - management of skin micro-climate that makes skin more susceptible to pressure ulcer damage, - mobility and prevention of postural disorders that may cause pressure ulcers, pain, discomfort, anatomical deformations, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, mental suffering etc. Additional attention is given to relieve caregivers from low added-value activities and to assist them in concentrating on bed-side care. Wherever applicable, routine actions are replaced by automatic operation of the products. Similarly, self-adjustment of either the supporting capacity of the therapy surface versus body weight and position, or of the micro-climate at the interface with the body, takes precedence over complex or repetitive and cumbersome manual settings. For its range of wound care solutions and anti-pressure ulcer equipments, the company is looking for distributors or sales agents with experience in similar products.
Advantages and Innovations All company's products are simple to use and to maintain. They feature multiple zones to appropriately support the corresponding body zones. Their design is safe with welded, breathable and robust, polyurethane coated covers. The very low noise and low vibration air mattresses are fully automatic and adapt to patient's needs by adjusting air pressure to automatic weight calculation. Interface pressures are smartly redistributed by means of alternating or continuous low pressure therapies, according to clinical indications. There are 4 adjustable alternating cycle times. Individual air cells include a safety air section, in the event of damage. A unique air distribution system enables safe individual cell replacement without leakage nor deflation of other cells, while also enabling deflation to zero pressure of cells underneath bodily high risk areas. The memory foam mattresses have multiple supporting capacities and multiple zones for enhanced pressure redistribution. Firm edges facilitate bed ingress and egress, and detection of mattress boundaries. Castellated high density, reticulated viscoelastic foam and cut-outs help reduce shear and pressure, while assisting in skin micro-climate. Sloped heel section prevents skin damage by transferring mechanical loading away from the heels. The hybrid mattresses incorporate self-adjusting air technology enabling non-powered pressure redistribution with continuous air movement between cells. They are scalable with an optional air control unit, depending on clinical requirements. The air seat cushion is ultra-portable and provides extra battery powered mobility, specifically suitable to wheelchairs. There are alternating and continuous low pressure modes, 5 comfort and 3 cycle time settings. The design of the femoral section prevents postural disorders. Benefits for the care provider : One hospital week reduction could result in savings exceeding 9,000 €.
Current Stage of Development These products are all made in France and comply with European regulations (EC marking)
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for partners to cooperate under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. Experience in the industry and established contacts with medical wholesalers, specialist medical shops, hospitals and clinics as well as elderly care homes will be required from potential partners.
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