An innovative company from South West Poland offers prototype of the product based on Augmented Reality and Head-Up Displays for companies interested in its utilization with special emphasis for automotive sector under joint venture agreement

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Summary A Polish innovative company has formed a complete hardware and software solution based on AR (Augmented Reality) HUD (Head-Up Display). The company specializes in advanced solutions associated with augmented reality by creating ones not previously existing in the market. The prototype of complex system is now nearly finished. The expected form of cooperation is joint venture, manufacturing or commercial agency agreement.
Description of the offer A highly innovative Polish company, headquartered in Wrocław, offers its product based on AR (Augmented Reality) and its services related to implement AR in customers products. The team includes: • experienced business developers, • industry consultants and business analysts, • mechanical engineers, • software architects and developers. Team members have several years of experience working with clients coming from automotive and medical sectors, engaged in projects in the field of telematics as well as telemedicine. This professional experience allows the team to act from the position of deep understanding of their customers ‘needs and providing them with highly advanced solutions incorporating augmented reality. The nature of the company product, which is in fact an electronic module, implies that company defines the main target group as helmet manufacturers with significant market position that are primarily located in Europe. Type of client sought are companies dealing with automotive industry willing to implement new innovative product supporting safety of motorcyclists. Expected types of cooperation are: manufacturing agreement, joint venture agreement, commercial agency agreement (with technical assistance).
Advantages and Innovations The company looks into a future where equipment provides motorcycle riders with all the information they need, warns of threats and improves their space orientation. It gives them freedom wherever they are and lets them fully enjoy the ride, while offering a sense of security and comfort. Implementing some of the most advanced solutions based on Augmented Reality technology, the new module offered by the company, provides the rider with the necessary road information and motorcycle parameters. Information is displayed in front of the rider’s eyes, so he does not have to look away from the road and remains focused on what is happening around. The rider remains in control, which increases the safety of both the rider and of other road users. The module offered by the company implements convenient and practical access to information, such as actual speed and speed limit, GPS navigation, rear view panorama, traffic and accident alerts or POIs (Points of Interests). The module as a heart of the system is composed of three elements: - a display, - a controller with processor responsible for communication and data display, - a battery. The entire module could be mounted inside the motorcyclist helmet. There are no redundant elements outside the helmet that could limit the view or decrease the rider’s comfort. Only the display is mounted in front of the rider’s eyes and it can be precisely adjusted to his or her specific requirements.
Technological Keywords 01003022 Smart Appliances
Market Keywords 03004003 Other electronics related equipment
07004008 Other consumer products
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought 1. Delivering custom made AR solutions on demand of the client: Potential partner will receive custom-made AR solution (hardware with software), under manufacturing agreement, 2. Cooperation (common product based on the company component): The Polish company provides a dedicated release of AR HUD component for the specific needs of the customer. Closer cooperation to design together common product is possible, under manufacturing or joint venture agreement, 3. Suppliers : Highly innovative optical laboratories are welcome to provide new optical solutions and materials to be used in Augmented Reality products. Expected form of cooperation is commercial agreement (with technical assistance), 4. Technological Distributors The role of partners would be selling a ready-to-use AR HUD components to be installed inside the customer’s product under commercial agreement (with technical assistance).
Date of creation 09.04.2018
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