An Israeli company specializing in growing improved prickly pear fruits and their processing is looking for commercial/franchise agency agreement and distribution services agreement.

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Summary An Israeli company specializing in growing improved prickly pear fruits and their processing has developed a new prickly pear and its condensed powder for use in food/beverage and food (supplement) processing industry. Advantages include fruit availability for almost a year, exclusive nutritional and medicinal properties, which are appeared and preserved by newly developed both fresh fruit and condensed powder. The company searches commercial/franchise agency and distribution services agreement
Description of the offer The Israeli SME develops, grows new prickly pear fruits, markets them and their processing products. The company has an R&D unit for food production. They patent their results and have been developing them in the company farm for 12 years. The farm covers about 1200 dunams. Except for the products below, the company manufactures more products from the prickly pear flower: prickly pear oil, the prickly pear cut-off, washed and frozen greenery for catering, hotels and restaurants. The products include confectionery, ice cream, milk based puddings, pickles, salads, juices, frozen branches ready to cook, pulp of branches and fruit pulp. Bread, breakfast snacks and baked goods, the additives to lower fat and sugar in prepared dishes, meat and milk products. The company offers to market fresh prickly pear fruit and red prickly pear powder, made from the fruit. Known as prickly pear, opuntia ficus-indica is a typical Cactaceae breed in arid / semi-arid desert climates. As a source of food, it is divided into branches, vegetables named nopal, and fruit known as prickly pear, or tuna. The prickly pear comes in various colours (purple / red, orange / yellow and white). It is a part of salad, a gravy basic ingredient, for making soup, various stews, snacks, drinks and deserts. As a nutrient, it appears a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and various antioxidants. High content of protein and fiber, low fat content and immunity improvement qualities attribute the prickly pear super-food qualities. Prickly pear is a fruit for various purposes - making soft drinks, syrups, candy, gelatin, gravy, popsicles, wine and other alcoholic drinks. Clinical studies have proven prickly pear an important part of a diet to treat diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, pain relief, ulcers and even hangovers and constipation. It has antibiotic and antiviral qualities and can help reducing risk of cancer. Prickly pear is high in fiber, antioxidants and carotenoids and is not acidic, its pH is approx.6. Prickly pear is coping with morbidity, has various medicinal / pharmacological qualities – analgesic effect, anti-oxidative, anti-carcinogenic, peptic ulcer relief, anti-viral effect, diuretic effect. As shown in vitro, in vivo and in human clinical randomized control trials, prickly pear contributes to obesity management and hyperlipidemia balancing blood glucose level and coping with diabetes, may be part of a healthy balanced diet relieving pain, helping in peptic ulcers and even hangover phenomenon, showing antibiotic, antiviral and anticarcinogenic effects. Prickly pear oil is a raw material for a food supplement to treat prostate problems. The developed fruit is unique compared to others globally, is grown organically without chemicals or pesticides. It is harvested throughout the year. Compared to other production, its cost is relatively low, albeit with a high yield and quality. By the recently developed state-of-the-art technology, the company produces a condensed powder with extra-long shelf-life, which preserves its nutritional and medicinal properties equivalent to those of a fresh prickly pear. Red prickly pear powder is a new product, the only one in the world obtained by drying & freezing method to prepare the prickly pear drink / yogurt / other nourishing mixtures considered a super-food. Prickly pear is the newest superfood of future for healthy living, weight loss and treating diabetes. The fresh prickly pear fruit is available for about 10 months a year (compared to a month or two in other kind of species), and is exported to EU-countries for one month a year (about a month before the other growers start their marketing). The company is looking for commercial / franchise agency agreement and distribution services agreement with those specialized in food and beverages, fruits, supplements etc.
Advantages and Innovations The newly developed patented fresh prickly pear fruit has the following advantages: 1.It is available for about 10 months a year (compared to a month or two in other kind of species), 2. It has a unique physiology, which lends itself to easy blending with the food industry. 3.It meets the requirements of the global market, as it is grown organically, does not require pesticides or herbicides that would affect local groundwater. 4.Its mass is bigger than that of traditional fruit - the production potential is clear. 5.It requires a smaller amount of water by a large margin compared to other fruit production. 6.In agro-technical perspective, it can be grown in a variety of climates around the world, to be grown as the main product on large fields or to be an “add-on” to existing product being grown, with intensive irrigation or relying on natural precipitation. The prickly pear powder, a new product, obtained by the method developed in the company to prepare nourishing mixtures has an advantage of: 1)extra-long shelf-life, 2)natural preserving its nutritional and medicinal properties inherent to those of a fresh prickly pear.
Technological Keywords 06002002 Cellular and Molecular Biology
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Market Keywords 05008002 Food and feed ingredients
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Copyright Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status The six various types of the fruit have been recently protected.
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Franchise Agency Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought -TYPE - business, trade -ACTIVITY - distributor / agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge and close connections with industries in the fields of: - fruits, food (concerning prickly pear product) – also fruit marketers, drink manufacturers food / food supplements big chains, - food supplements, food processing (concerning red prickly pear powder) – also food processing industry, supplements producers, big chains. -ROLE - to find local customers and to be constantly involved in mutual business.
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