An Israeli company that develops ready-to-use small to large-scale water desalination, industrial water treatment and water reuse facilities, seeking municipal and industrial partners worldwide to whom to offer its services.

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Summary The Israeli company has 50+ years of experience and focus on water treatment, making it a leader in this field. It offers turnkey solutions in development, engineering, construction and operation of desalination (both thermal and membrane), industrial water treatment and water reuse plants and facilities, ranging in size from small to large industry scale. Looking for industrial and municipal partners worldwide to whom to offer its solutions under subcontracting agreements.
Description of the offer Founded in Israel in 1965, the company has an unparalleled track record of technological breakthroughs in desalination, industrial water treatment and water reuse. The Company works in partnership with a wide range of customers - municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries and power stations - on all aspects of water projects, delivering more than 3 million m3/day of high quality water worldwide. Each project and customer has its unique requirements and challenges that the company strives to meet. The Company’s track record spans 400 plants in over 40 countries. The Company offers the most advanced water desalination solutions: - Thermal desalination: multi-effect distillation (MED) that utilizes a low-pressure steam process, and mechanical vapour compression (MVC) with a proprietary electrically driven mechanical compressor. (The Company has constructed some of the world’s largest MED plants in China and India). - Membrane desalination (reverse osmosis (RO)), including the design, erection and operation of some of the largest plants worldwide in the US, Israel, Australia. - Seawater Reserve Osmosis (SWRO) modular, chemical-free desalination ‘plant-in-a-box’. In the field of industrial water treatment the company provides solutions for: - acid mine drainage, - tailing pond water treatment, - cooling tower blowdown, - refinery waste water treatment, - flue gas desulfurization - enhanced oil recovery produced water treatment, - steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) water treatment packages, - coal seam gas (CSG) water treatment, - zero liquid discharge (ZLD). The Company's solutions for industrial water treatment have been implemented in the plant in Wintershall, Germany- which provides a superior alternative for oil recovery; and that in Tutuka, South Africa- a cost-effective, eco-friendly cooling tower blowdown reuse plant. The Company also provides wastewater reuse solutions: - direct potable reuse (DPR) (direct clean water supply), - indirect potable reuse (IPR) (supply through a groundwater aquifer), - medium quality reused water (for ash removal, coal watering, die washing), - high quality reused water (for power plants, refineries, steel manufacturing), - ultra high quality reused water (high pressure boiler feed water or as feed water for clean manufacturing environments). The company is considering municipalities and industrial companies as potential partners and is ready to offer development and installation of waste water treatment facilities as a subcontractor through a subcontracting agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The Company has the largest and most experienced research and development (R&D) teams in the industry, with more than 100 granted patents (55 families) in the field. The Company’s innovative solutions used in water desalination and treatment facilities are targeted to increase efficiency, economy and reliability, reduce capital (capex) and operational (opex) expenditure costs, as well as environmental impact: - Pressure Centre Design: increases the system availability and reliability and reduces energy consumption. - Boron Removal System: Transfers water for a second time through a membrane cascade that removes boron ions to concentrations below 0.3 ppm. - Chemical-Free Desalination: the first desalination technology that eliminates the use of chemicals in the pretreatment and RO stages. - Direct Osmosis Cleaning (DOC): A membrane cleaning process that allows membrane cleaning without stopping plant operation, significantly increases efficiency and enables a chemical-free process. - 16” Vertical Membranes: Reducing the footprint of the RO plant, reducing capex and increasing operational efficiencies. - Spot Cleaner: Significantly reduces capex and opex. - Optimized Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO): Reduces energy consumption significantly. - Batch PRO Process: A new technology that allows the implementation of standard spiral membranes in a B-PRO process. This allows the use of lower cost standard spiral membranes instead of specially made membranes.
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Type of Partnership Required Subcontracting
Type and Role of Partner Sought The preferred cooperation type is subcontracting. The company is looking for partners – municipalities and industrial entities that are facing a need for water desalination, wastewater reuse or any kind of water treatment and are willing to install a turnkey cost efficient and effective modular solution, from a small to a large-scale plant. The company also considers cooperation with large construction companies that are looking for a subcontractor for water treatment facilities.
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