An Israeli manufacturing company specializing in the field of odours, especially harsh smells in industrial and institutional markets is looking for distribution services agreement

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Summary An Israeli manufacturer in the field of fragrances and treatment of harsh odours is offering innovative materials in harsh odour treatment for industrial and institutional market. Advantages over those on the market include full removal of widely spread harsh odours, in very short time, followed by spreading good smell. The targeted partners are distributors experienced in the field of fragrances / harsh smells. The company is looking for distribution services agreement
Description of the offer An Israeli company, engaged in import, marketing and distribution of fragrance products, is offering unique products for industrial and institutional market in the field of the harsh odor treatment. Based on molecular materials, their products provide solutions for harsh odors in a variety of places: compacting equipment, trashrooms and dumpsters, garbage cans, sewage, carrions, garbage dumps and basements, sewage treatment plants, factories producing plastics and metals, slaughterhouses and chicken coops, warehouses of poultry farms as well as in household premises. The company has got close connections with an US company producing patented molecular material capable to absorb harsh odors. The material is integrated into the products developed by the company making them unique in their field thus solving many problems. All the company products are manufactured in Israel and are based on fragrances. The company is a member of ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association). The company has recently held a pilot in the chicken-slaughtering plant. There was plenty of complaints about the harsh smell coming from a shopping center adjacent to the slaughterhouse. Following them, the slaughterhouse has used the company products. Resulting from the pilot process, the number of complaints dropped to almost zero. The company products absorb harsh odors before releasing pleasant fragrances. Attacking both localized and widespread odour problems in their roots, the products transform the atmosphere of any space for the better. The basic company products are following. • Liquid material that absorbs harsh odors and distributes a pleasant smell, from the variety of the available. The spray suits for smells of pets, toilets, garbage rooms, sewage, retarded odors etc. Absorbing strong odors and releasing a pleasant fragrance, the product is ideal to spray on surfaces or upholstery. • Liquid material in container/barrel distributed by spreading a line of nebulous fluids drawing from the barrel, suits to places emitting harsh odors. The diffuser dispenses pleasant fragrance using fragrance clouds, an innovative system designed for large spaces between 100 and 1000 meters. Each space is equipped with the specific device and fragrance suited to its size. • Aromatic granules, which in 30 seconds overcome harsh odors such as cowsheds, chicken coops, basements, garbage cans, compacting equipment, trashrooms, dumpsters, gases, sewage, carrions, rot and manure. After the granules are dispersed, the harsh odors disappear. The granules offer easy economic solution to odor problems. They can be scattered in some places where needed. • Unique liquid material with a molecular substance absorbs harsh odors and distributes a pleasant smell of the variety available, overcomes harsh odors in 30 seconds. This spray, designed for localized spraying, helps to neutralize strong odors and dispenses a pleasant fragrance. It is available in a variety of sizes and fragrance choices. Other products: 1) the hanging air freshener with pleasant fragrance for clothing and linen closets, elevators, cars and storage shelves, 2) single-use pouch quickly and effectively helps to neutralize strong odors for 4-6 hours in completely sealed rooms lacking air circulation, 3) the waterproof, self-locking, equipped with safety closures belt emits a pleasant fragrance and suits to hanging on poles and pipes in bathrooms, washrooms, sink cabinets etc. The company is seeking distributors. They might be air freshener distributors and the company products would be complementary to theirs. They might be companies working with the customers of the offered products: sewage treatment plants, factories producing plastic/metal materials, warehouses of poultry farms, garbage dumps, chicken coops, oxidation pools, towers with a garbage whip, restaurants and small hotels with a problem of odours and/or the places where regulation is binding them to treat the hazardous odour.
Advantages and Innovations There were no solutions for problems with harsh odors, which are widely spread (approx. 100m, medium and large spaces of approx. 400m). Neither was solved a problem of closed premises with harsh intensive odours. Specializing in harsh odour treatment, the company provides such solutions. Based on molecular materials, the products absorb harsh odours before releasing pleasant fragrances. Attacking both localized and widespread odour problems in their roots, the company products transform the atmosphere of any space for the better. In very short time (within 30 seconds) the products do their work and become environmentally friendly. The product granules clean air with absorbing bad odours, but spraying good smells.
Technological Keywords 10002001 Indoor Air Pollution / Treatment
10002002 Outdoor Air Pollution / Treatment
10002006 Ecology
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
Market Keywords 08001006 Processes for working with plastics
08004001 Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment
08004004 Other pollution and recycling related
09008002 Water, sewerage, chemical and solid waste treatment plants
09008004 Other utilities and related firms
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought -TYPE - business, trade -ACTIVITY - distributor with experience in hazardous odours (ways to avoid / destroy them) and: 1) having contacts with local companies managing / destroying hazardous odors, 2) dealing with repairs, installation, preparations, changing the materials each month 3) serving big companies in need for managing bad smells, 4) distributing air fresheners, for which the offered products would be complementary -ROLE - having got the special training in the company, to repair, install the products (including distributing odour system), prepare and change the materials monthly, accounting for local electrical supply systems. The product installation should account for electrical supply system. The distributing odor system itself needs installation.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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