An Israeli world-renowned manufacturer of the pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes is looking for distributors/ franchisees/ representatives

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Summary An Israeli company develops, manufactures and markets pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes. They are offering to market some tape types serving as carry handles, printable and special tapes for various industries. Advantages include high quality, cost-efficiency, high flexibility of delivery and customization terms. Target partners -packaging, beverages, printed tapes, non-woven producing industries. The company is looking for commercial / franchise agency and distribution services agreement
Description of the offer The Israeli company is one of the world's leading innovative producers of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes. It was established in 1982. The production includes two coating lines: hot melt/synthetic rubber adhesive and acrylic water based. Besides, they are able to slit wide range of products. Placing a strong emphasis on R&D, the company continually upgrades its technology, materials and know-how. The company offers a full range of specialty tapes, ranging from the company's world renowned, directly printable Presto Print, to double sided tapes, carry handle tapes, packaging tape, label protection, non-residue printable low tack tape, metal detection splicing tape, UV-resistant tape and solvent-free freezer tape. The company manufactures adhesive tapes for various uses. They are offering to the market some of their most required adhesive tapes developed for 3 central applications: 1.Carry handle tape for the transfer of large packages (drinks, games, toilet paper etc.). The product is designed to work with all automatic machines. It proves secure handling of large things, it has printed message area for additional advertising. It is cost-efficient: packaging with carry handle is cheaper than alternative packaging. It minimizes the amount of packaging material and is highly flexible in packaging, messages, promotions. The detachable carry handle is a unique development from the company R&D department. Each carry handle has an easy-to-tear point mark that allows for fast release of the handle, so the user can separate each handle and then manually apply the handle to the pack. It saves significant time and money with no need for a dispenser or additional tools / specialized work area. The potential customers are the manufacturers, who pack the products, or retails to assist customers in the location of bulky packs with no need to use plastic bags. 2.Printable tapes - adhesive tapes that are used to close cartons and printed with the customer's logo. The tape is of the best quality in the world; with the best value for money; implies printing at various conditions/surfaces; use of regular or recycled materials; very good adhesion to carton and other materials, with a wide range of thickness; effectively seals at a variety of temperatures, lengths and widths etc. The customers are companies with adhesive tape machines. 3. Special tapes - designed for different uses. They are planned and designed according to customer requests, e.g. tape connections for non-woven industry, in need for high temperature resistance, heat reflection, double sided tapes, electrical / thermal conductivity and other special requirements of a customer. The company has a central production site, a logistic warehouse, which serves as one-stop-shop for the end of the packaging line, and a carry handle manufacturing plant in US. The company is known on the market by high quality products and service, trustable, with strong customizing abilities – in view of fast customization process, fast & accurate delivery. Their printed tapes are of the best quality over the world and the best ROI-parameters. The company is capable to develop for a client the suitable products and find solutions for almost all problems in the field. The company has been exporting its products for more than thirty years. Main customers are in Europe and the United States. The company imports raw materials for production, mainly from Europe, imports the products that complement those it sells to local market and imports machines. In order to locate new customers and partners, the company is looking for distributors, agents and factories to cooperate under commercial / franchise agency, distribution services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations 1.Very easy and convenient in use, carry handles have the advantages of: a)More secure handling the product, especially large/oversized bundles/packages. b)Printed message area for additional advertising space. c)Cost-saving: packaging with carry handle is cheaper than alternative packaging. d)Green: minimizes the amount of packaging material e)Highly flexible in terms of packaging, messages, and promotions 2.Printable tapes, a product with a coating of special adhesive formula developed by the company R&D group, a result of one-step surface printing on commercially available adhesive tape flexographic machines. Its advantages: a)the best quality in the world, with the best value for money, b)printability under wide range of conditions and surfaces c)ability to use both regular and recycled materials (special high tack adhesives) d)excellent adhesion to carton and to steel e)1.53 mm/39 µ – 3.0 mm/74 µ total thickness f)effective sealing at a wide range of application temperatures g)availability in a variety of lengths and widths e)low tack adhesives with non-residue attributes 3.The special tapes differ in presenting any solutions for a customer via help of all adhesive tapes, each one meeting special requirements. They are planned and designed according to customer requests, e.g. tape connections for non-woven industry, double-sided, security sealing, in a need for high temperature resistance, heat reflection, electrical / thermal conductivity and other special requirements of a customer.
Technological Keywords 02002007 Joining techniques (riveting, screw driving, gluing)
02007001 Adhesives
02007009 Materials Handling Technology (solids, fluids, gases)
02007014 Plastics, Polymers
Market Keywords 07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants
08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
09004006 Packing products and systems
09004007 Printing and binding
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Franchise Agency Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought -TYPE - business, trade -ACTIVITY – 1)distributor / agent / representative with strong connections in the field of packaging companies or beverage companies, 2) manufacturer / distributor of adhesive tapes -ROLE - 1) to find local customers – companies producing: printed tapes, bottles / beverages, non-woven fabrics, 2) to give ideas about other customers / cooperation on the local market.
Date of creation 15.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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