An Italian IT specialist education and training provider is looking for partners in EU,in the Mediterranean area and in countries involved in the EU Pre-accession Assistance to establish service and subcontracting agreements

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Summary The company specialized in the provision of educational services and training courses (performed also in outsourcing) is looking for partners based in: EU and/or in countries involved in cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean area (ENPI CBCMED) as well as countries engaged in the EU Pre-accession Assistance (IPA countries) to establish service and subcontracting agreements.
Description of the offer This Italian company, based in Southern Italy, is a training provider specialized in the provision of training services, high-level business training, staff recruitment, and the realization of corporate services (all these services can also be realized in outsourcing). The corporate headquarters are in Sicily, but the company has many branches also in Northern Italy. Company’s first goal is to support and help a potential client along its path of development, providing qualified and continuous assistance especially in the choices concerning customer's training and information systems, as well as promoting and managing the development of professional and managerial skills necessary to govern the increasing complexity of business contexts. The services provided can be on-demand and can be found online (using multimedia tools that work alongside or replace the teacher). The contents, objectives, duration and cutting of courses are set by the client, and the company will take care of preparing a tailor made training offer on the basis of the indications received. The company was established in 2004 and has progressively expanded its business acquiring various qualifications and specializations and branching out its territorial presence both at national and international level. Company’s clients usually are: public bodies, production and services holdings, companies operating in the public and private health sector and SMEs operating in various sectors. The services provided by the company include: -Continuous education for enterprises, with a special focus on foreign language courses; -Training programs for unemployed people (i.e. vocational education); -Recruitment services (as the company is an Employment Agency for the activities of Research and Recruitment, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labor); -On-line courses (as the company is an e-learning center point of one of the most well-known Italian Telematic Universities). The training offer is addressed to various target groups: from top management to executives in companies, from professionals to technical specialists in the professional sector (employees and workers), from long-term unemployed to young job seekers. This services provider uses quality management system in compliance with ISO9001:2008 and it is partner of the Manpower Group for the training of the staff working at Milan EXPO 2015 and offering technical consultancy to the exhibitors. This Italian-based company is seeking for partners based in EU and/or in countries involved in cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean area (ENPI CBCMED) as well as countries engaged in the EU Pre-accession Assistance (IPA countries) to establish service agreements as well as subcontracting agreements. The company offers and requires cooperation with other institutions (both public and private bodies) in order to create joint training courses, to exchange good practices and methodologies, and to participate in EU projects under various EU programs (Lifelong Learning Program, ENPI, EuropAid, and so on), to develop new business, In particular, the company: - offers to European SMEs tailor-made training courses; - offers to similar European organizations providing training courses for SMEs and public authorities, the sharing of good practices and methodologies to be applied in future training courses, and the opportunity to develop joint training courses to propose within an European network; - with reference to the partnership in international projects, the company has a specific department working in the field of European Projects. The company is constantly looking for international partners (both public and private institutions) with which to develop joint project proposals to be submitted under various European Programs.
Advantages and Innovations The company can provide to potential partners its long experience in supporting SMEs with ad hoc training activities. In addition, Company’s involvement in international projects is a fundamental tool to improve the quality of the company’s international project. Real advantages and innovations can be found in the corporate culture. It qualifies for: - the continuous research and innovation of services and products for training; - the ability to combine innovative learning systems such as e-learning, outdoor, theatrical, creative, sports and artistic disciplines with traditional learning systems (classroom, on the job) thanks to various partnerships; - the attention to the development of company skills which characterize them; - the experiential characteristic of the proposals in order to combine theoretical approaches and concrete contexts; - the ability to contextualize and customize the training contents to the specific needs and requests of the customer. Company's approach is characterized by flexibility which, combined with experience and professionalism, allows it to effectively respond to the needs of diversified contexts.
Market Keywords 02006003 Computer training services
02006007 Databases and on-line information services
02007010 Education software
02007011 Manufacturing/industrial software
07005004 Education and educational products and materials
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company expects to share competencies, expertise and to provide joint services to SMEs with other international partners working in the same field of competence. In this framework, three are the types of partners the company is seeking for: - Organizations working in the field of education and training for SMEs and public institutions, with a strong propensity to research and share of good practices. The expected results of this kind of cooperation are, mainly, the production of joint training courses and of common strategies (at the European level) in the field of higher education for enterprises and public entities. - SMEs willing to undertake training services to their staff (based on their needs). - Public and private institutions willing to participate as partners in international projects developed by the company itself; or public and private institutions looking for experienced partners in their European Projects.
Date of creation 11.05.2018
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