An Italian producer of gluten-free, egg free and dairy free food products is looking for new commercial and manufacturing partners

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Summary An Italian company, specialised in traditional cereal grinding, has developed a wide range of gluten free, egg free and dairy free products, devoted to people affected by celiac disease. The production includes flours mix, dry pasta, sweet and salty ready-to-taste products, frozen products. The company is looking for agents, importers, distributors for Commercial Agency and Distribution Services Agreement; it’s also interested in providing production services within manufacturing agreement.
Description of the offer The Italian company was established in 1850 for traditional grinding to produce cereals flours. In 2003 beside the old mill a new production site was built to start the new products range, that provides specific food for celiac disease patients, including: • Gluten-free mix and Organic gluten-free mix, for the preparation of bread, pizza, cakes, fresh pasta • Gluten-free dry pasta • Gluten-free finished products sweet and salty ready-to-taste products • Gluten-free frozen products The large part of the production is also egg free and dairy free certified. With the aim to offer to clients all the useful information regarding the products, the company have studied simple and understandable labelling dedicating particular effort to the Nutritional Table that lists for every product: energy value, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fats (saturated and not-saturated), fibre and sodium. The company has already started to export its products abroad, and now is interested in finding new commercial channels to expand the sales on foreign markets. New international partners like agents, importers, distributors are sought, with the aim to promote and distribute the gluten-free products in their own countries. The Italian company is also interested in exploiting the production capacity of its high-tech plants, offering production services as private label producer. Food companies of gluten-free sector, interested in manufacturing agreement, are sought.
Advantages and Innovations The flexible structure and high-technological plant units allow the company to certify the quality of the gluten free products, ensuring the maximum clarity with the consumers. The company produces in full compliance with Italian laws, that are more severe than the European regulations, and consider “Gluten-Free” only products with gluten content not superior to 20ppm (parts per million). All the products in the gluten-free line have a gluten content inferior to 5ppm. To guarantee this feature, every batch of raw material has to be accompanied by “Gluten-Free” and “GMO-Free” certification and technical data sheets. Furthermore, every single raw material batch undergoes further testing by our technicians and quality supervisor who send further samples to be analysed by external certified laboratories. The safety and quality of the Made in Italy products are guaranteed by the following certifications: - BRC (British Retail Consortium) - IFS (International Featured Standards) - BIOS (an organic products certification body accreditated by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies).
Technological Keywords 08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
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Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The partners sought are: • agents, importers, distributors interested in the gluten-free products promotion and distribution in their own countries, within Commercial Agency and Distribution Services Agreement; • food companies of gluten-free sector, interested in manufacturing production agreement.
Date of creation 29.03.2018
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