An Ukrainian company offers thermal complex working on chicken manure to produce electricity / heat / steam

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Summary The Ukrainian company is engaged in developments in the field of energy. The company performs a full range of works from design and installation, to the start of boiler plants and waste utilization (chicken manure). The company is looking for experienced agents with good connections to local poultry farms for concluding commercial agency agreements.
Description of the offer The Ukrainian company has implemented energy-saving technologies with a total heat capacity of more than 63 MW, namely: water-heating and steam boiler-houses on various solid fuels and waste products, including manure, husk, dust and sawdust from the production of formaldehyde-containing slabs. A distinctive feature of companie's waste heat boilers is the innovative scheme for the organization of the combustion process - vortex furnace, thanks to the cyclone - vortex fuel combustion scheme. As for the composition of the exhaust gases, SME's thermal complexes meet the highest requirements. They have experience in burning various wastes with different humidity and morphology with excess heat, which can be used to heat the coolant, generate steam or electricity. Companie's technical solution includes the full cycle of the project, namely: - design and installation of the boiler, flue gas removal and cleaning systems; - manufacturing of systems of automatic reception / submission of raw materials, drying, ash removal; - installation of boiler house, chimney and necessary infrastructure; - design and implementation of an automation system for monitoring and controlling operating parameters; - start and adjustment of work, transfer of the object to the Customer; - staff recruitment and training; - technical support; - warranty and after-sales service. Cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and other advanced scientific organizations in the field of energy, as well as the availability of its own production base allow SME to successfully perform the most complex scientific and technical tasks. Now the company is focused on European markets, paying special attention to agents who have connections with poultry farms.
Advantages and Innovations Incineration of chicken manure is the most common and well-developed method of utilizing of chicken manure with the advantages of: • Complete utilization of manure: - 85% converted to heat / electrical energy; - 15% in potassium-phosphorus mineral fertilizer. • Ecology: - thanks to modern combustion technologies, the emissions of gases comply with environmental standards; - there is no need to use land for storing litter (class 3.4 hazard); - absence of smell and soil pollution. • Economy: thermal complexes with electricity generation have a payback period of up to 2 years. • Energy efficiency: manure is a renewable biofuel. • Optimum efficiency of a thermal complex even at 70% of humidity
Technological Keywords 04005007 Waste incineration
Market Keywords 06002001 Oil, gas and coal
06003007 District heating
06003008 Other alternative energy
06003009 Biomass and Biofuels
06009 Energy Distribution
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for agents with good connections to the poultry farms, who can present the company's decision to dispose of chicken manure with the generation of electricity, heat, steam. Commercial agency agreemetns are sought.
Date of creation 04.04.2018
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