An Ukrainian detergents producer is looking for distributors/importers

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary This Kiev based Ukrainian company is looking for importers and distributors for their detergents. Their products are not harmful to the human health and respect current international chemical regulations. The company wishes to establish distribution services agreements to enter new markets under their own brand.
Description of the offer This Ukrainian company dedicated to develop, manufacturing and marketing of detergents. Currently they are one of the manufacturing leaders of detergents in Ukraine since they also produce for major retailers. They are now looking to expand their activity with their own brand through long-term collaboration and partnership with importers and distributors. The company has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. During this period, she went from a small company to one of the largest cosmetic holdings in Ukraine. SME formed an extensive regional network of representatives of the company, covering all regions of Ukraine. The company's product range includes: - universal detergents: gel for cleaning toilet bowls, means for washing wooden surfaces, shampoo for carpet cleaning and universal means for washing floors, walls, tiles; - detergents for bathroom: gel for cleaning bathtubs and washbasins, foam for washing acrylic surfaces and instantaneous means for removing rust and lime deposits; - detergents for kitchen: universal soda cleaners and means for removing contaminants and greasy stains; - detergents for windows: means for washing glasses and shiny surfaces; - detergents for laundry: gels for washing, fabric softener and gel concentrate for washing colored, white, black and delicate fabrics; - detergents for dishes: balms and gels for washing dishes. The company is looking for trade intermediary services. The type of partnership considered is: - distribution service agreement: aimed at wholesalers or retailers, which would ensure a final outlet for the company production.
Advantages and Innovations • Developers of their own manufacturing system which is trademarked. • The products are cheaper than other detergents on the market. • Full supply chain services. • Certification of the company's production in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
Market Keywords 07002005 Other retailing
07004002 Health and beauty aids
07004008 Other consumer products
Copyright Trade Marks
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for partners (distributors/importers) interested in promoting and selling these products abroad. - Type of partner: distributors with experience in detergents, which could be able to extend the company's products in other countries. - Task to be performed: distribution of the cleaning products. The company expects to develop long-term collaborations with partners.
Date of creation 21.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
Profile from EEN Y

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