An Ukrainian manufacture of furniture is searching for new foreign partners for distribution services agreements and commercial agency agreements

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Summary The company is an Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture for the residential use (for kitchen, living room) and furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars: the catalogue includes sofas and beds, chairs and armchairs, tables and sideboards, bar counters etc. The company is looking to establish long term relationships with partners globally based on distribution service agreements (with distributors) and commercial agency agreements (with trade agents).
Description of the offer The Ukrainian company was founded in 2009 and is located in the North area. The company is specialized in the manufacturing of furniture, in particular of customized products. The activity is focused in the production: - sofas, beds, armchairs for the residential use to order; - sofas, armchairs and chairs, bar counters for bars, cafes and restaurants to order; - cabinet and wooden furniture to order. The company has all the equipments and the facilities necessary for the production, including carpentry, upholstery and sewing workshop. The company is specialized in the design and in the implementation of solutions for manufacturers of "just in time furniture". The company is able to build on customer needs any type of furniture, taking care of the smallest detail of the production, using highly qualified personnel for the realization of products. The company's production uses modern materials and technologies. Fittings are used only from time-proven manufacturers and suppliers. The company constantly expands a number of used materials in order to achieve the maximum level of strength of the product and the minimum price for the consumer. In general, the company works with such materials: wood, glass and mirrors, aluminum profile, particle board, MDF, rattan, bamboo, stone slabs, etc. Since 2009, more than 300 major furniture orders have been completed for restaurants, cafes, bars and beauty salons. The company is not currently present in the foreign markets. The company is looking for well established and large importers and agents who work with the furniture and would ideally like to work on distribution agreement/commercial agency agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The company is able to design models to be included in the catalog or to be exhibited at retailers, in order to avoid the cost of the creation of an initial stock. In that case, only if the product will be appreciated by the clients, the company will start the production. Materials and equipment - the company produces furniture using expensive and high-quality raw materials, to guarantee the quality of its products. Production - the company's workshops are equipped with high-quality industrial equipment. An integrated quality control system takes place at all stages of manufacturing. Opportunities - the company creates furniture of any complexity for a design project.
Market Keywords 07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture
09004002 Office furniture and other professional furnishings
Copyright Trade Marks
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought • Type of Partner Sought: industry – companies from construction sector, furniture stores and distributors. • Role of Partner Sought: distribute its products in their country to retailers and other clients that are operating in the furniture sector.
Date of creation 27.03.2018
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