An Ukrainian manufacturer of interior doors and metal entrance doors is looking for distribution and commercial agency agreement

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Summary The Ukrainian company, one of the leader in the Ukrainian market for the production of high-quality interior doors and metal entrance doors, would like to establish long term business cooperation with reliable partners, who can promote and sell their products in European countries as agent or distributor. Distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement are sought.
Description of the offer The Ukrainian company has a strong network of partners and clients at domestic market and is still developing. Its objective is to extend its business and establish relationships with foreign partners. Company offer is divided by following styles of doors: classic, art-deco, modern, high-tech. In the manufacture of interior doors, company use advanced technologies: - correct humidity (the bar is dried by special drying chambers, to a humidity of 8-10%); - technology of microchips (the bars are glued with a special glue for wood, then they are spliced under high pressure around the perimeter on the splicing press); - high-temperature gluing (the workpieces are glued with an adhesive that becomes liquid at a temperature of +130 ° C). The core focus of the company is to create unique interior doors, bringing together the diverse background of the company as well as of its clients. The company prides itself on its creativity, constantly looking for new ideas, designs and innovative materials to implement them into its manufacturing process. The company maintains strict attention to detail and a passion for sourcing singular doors, happily implementing complex ideas from their clients into their products. The company makes quality control in all stages of productions and provides production under individual orders and catalogue. The company is an exceptionally pure brand. The ecological line goes through the whole process. From the SME's eco-friendly production to the environmental friendliness of the company's reputation and communication policy. In the production of the product, the company uses natural raw materials, excluding various artificial materials. The naturalness of the company lies not only in making doors from natural wood, but also in using high-quality finishing materials of European manufacturers that are safe for human health. In addition, full cycle production allows the company to take care of the environment through the use of processed products as a fuel for further production. The growing demand for sustainable products presents itself as an opportunity for the company. Thus, in order to expand its business and supply the international market with this kind of product, the Ukrainian company is looking for commercial agents and distributors to facilitate its internationalization and market entry process.
Advantages and Innovations - A successful enterprise (more than 8 years of experience). - Production of more than 500 doors per day. - Global scale of production (No. 1 in its segment at domestic market). - Wide range of products. - Production areas (more than 21,000 square meters). - A reliable partner, time-tested (a powerful client base across Ukraine). - Timely and fast shipments. - A qualitative competitive product that is in demand among consumers.
Market Keywords 07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture
09004002 Office furniture and other professional furnishings
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Ukrainian company is interested in working with the distributors of furniture and retail buyers that are looking for reliable and experienced supplier of wide range of high quality furniture at reasonable price. Type of Partner Sought – companies from construction sector, door stores and distributors. Role of Partner Sought: distribute its products in their country to retailers and other clients that are operating in the furniture sector. Distribution / commercial agreement with potential distributors is considered.
Date of creation 12.04.2018
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