An Ukrainian producer of wooden doors is seeking for distributors

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Summary A company based in Ukraine specialized in production of wooden doors for hotels, offices, as well as for individual clients is looking for trade intermediaries and distributors in the EU.
Description of the offer The Ukrainian company was established in 1997 and specialized in manufacturing of wooden doors. The company provides customized doors to their customers. Besides, the company chooses best quality materials to improve the long term use. The company’s product range includes various type of wooden doors, where the frame of doors is made from high quality wood, with a relative humidity of 7-9% and is covered with a high-quality veneer of noble wood species. The thickness of the doors is 40 mm, the standard height is 2000 mm, the standard width of the sheets is 600, 700, 800, 900 mm (standard). The factory also produces non-standard sizes. In the company employs highly qualified workers and specialists with long experience in the company, which helps to maintain the high quality production and customer service. The Ukrainian SME also produces doors to individual projects using a wide range of high quality materials and modern technology with beautiful design and maximum functionality. The doors of the company is a symbol of excellent quality and comfort. The company is looking for distributors - construction companies, for its products in Europe under distribution services agreements.
Advantages and Innovations Doors from the Ukrainian manufacturer have a number of advantages: - a wide range of offered products; - unique design and competitive prices; - resistance to wear and mechanical damage; - the coating is durable and practical, does not lose its appearance with time; - almost 21 years of experience in the industry. The company has modern machinery and specialized technical staff. It manufacturers external and internal doors with available designs or on partner’s request.
Market Keywords 07004003 Home furnishing and housewares
07004005 Furnishing and Furniture
09004002 Office furniture and other professional furnishings
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Distribution services agreement: • Type of Partner Sought: retailers and distributors of building materials; • Role of Partner Sought: to find new customers for the offered products via a partner’s channels.
Date of creation 24.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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