Apparatus producing an even distribution of strain into carriers offered for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement

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Summary Czech university offers new technology for companies interested in lifting technologies. University offers new measurement of the real value of the tensile force in the partial cross section of the carrying rope to equalize values in mechanical way, it enables to use the described apparatus in practice to set the appropriate rope tension in multiroped hinges. New technology is innovative in a way of lifting materials because of the used technique. License or commercial agreement is offered.
Description of the offer University from nothern-eastern part of the Czech Republic offers technology for sale. In many high-rise residential buildings or multi-storey warehouses, machinery, so called lifts, is used for the vertical transportation of people or weights between two or more attitudinally distant places. Carriers used for lifts are steel ropes or sprocket chains, on which a cage or a counterbalance is hinged. Apparatus of all carriers, attached to the hinge of the cage or counterbalance, should be even. This can be made hundred percent only by hammer hinge. Fixed or springe hinge can not be a perfect equalizing apparatus. The apparatus, which allows an even distribution of the strain into lift carriers, which use springe hinge of carrier ropes. Transported people or weights stand during the transportation on a platform, which is a supporting part of the cabin or the cage. The cage is carried on fixed ropes, which are attached to the lift shaft. The fixed ropes enable only one movement of the cage and that is a linear movement up and down. The cage is hinged on one or more carriers, which connects it to a kinetic hoisting device, so called elevator machine. The different results of the tensile forces educed from the different deforming energy of wound compression cylindrical springs are scanned by resistive biaxial strain gauges, attached to each of the two pieces of the upper part of the equalizer of tension of lift ropes. The measured quantity is scanned by resistive strain gauges. By mutual connection of the strain gauges into Wheatstone bridge it comes at a change of load force to an elastic deformation of a deformation part (that is the upper part of the apparatus for the detection of the tensile forces) and consequently to the change of results of the resistances of each strain gauge, so called bridge balancing. Wheatstone bridge is powered from the measuring system by the direct current voltage and consequently the voltage is scanned on the signal side of the bridge. The measured voltage is transferred through 24bit A/D converter in module BR4 into digital value, which is saved in the data system of the GATE unit. Here the value is calibrated according to the settings of the whole system, the required compensation of dislocation and amplification is added to it by the user. Consequently, the value is sent through Ethernet and connected AP (Access point) through Wi-Fi signal into the measuring computer, where it is saved. The control of the measuring system Dewetron is realised through DEWEsoft software. The gained immediate values of the real sizes of the measured forces. The described apparatus, for more details, is made of the screw spindle, which consists of double screw, a simple screw and a nut. The technology invented by innovation support centre of the Czech university. The centre supports research and innovation of the university staff and students. Currently, Project Support Centre focuses primarily on projects funded from the operational programmes of European structural funds (OP Education for Competitiveness, OP Research and Development for Innovation) and at the same time it gets ready for the new programming period 2014-2020 and its operational programmes – OP Research, Development and Education and OP Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness. The centre participates in the 7FP project management and in project proposal preparation in the programme HORIZON 2020. Innovative product is offered for a commercial agreement with technical assistance, the size of the provision for the inventor will be determined according the assistance services. Licence agreement is the type of cooperation, where know-how and patented rights are offered for sale. University is offering the technology for sale because there is no production or manufacturing possibility on the university.
Advantages and Innovations Innovative device allows the user to adapt it to the desired maximum efficiency. The efficiency of the process is increased due to the screw nuts designed of the contactor head. This device reduces energy consumption, space demands, price of the final device and operating costs. The main benefit for potential users is improvement in lifting area and pressure technologies. University offers to the partners and customers more than 20 years of experience in testing. It is a member of an international organizations and offers the newest EU standarts in testing such as EN 45545-2. It has a favorable geographic position for international cooperation in Central Europe. University also provides support in R&D projects.
Current Stage of Development Prototype available for demonstration by mechanical equalizer of tensile forces in the ropes of the elevator.
Technological Keywords 02006002 Construction methods and equipment
02006006 Construction engineering (design, simulation)
02010002 Engineering
Market Keywords 08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09001007 Other transportation
Copyright Patents granted
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Type and Role of Partner Sought Client is offering patented product for acquisition with all it´s patents and know-hows. Innovative product is offered for a commercial agreement with technical assistance, where the role of the inventor will be implementation, monitoring and service of the product for a provision, which will be discussed depending on the size of the assistance. Another type of cooperation possible is under the license agreement, where the product rights, know-how and technology will be authorized and sold by the licensee for a fee, which will be discussed with a future possible partner.
Date of creation 27.03.2018
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