Argentinian company offers a dynamic advertising platform: automatic generation of dynamic videos and personalized ads backed on machine learning and big data, looks for license agreement and joint venture

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Summary An Argentinian technology company working on an innovative ad tech platform offers advertisers, brands and agencies an automated solution to produce beautiful dynamic creatives for display, video and social advertising, looks for license agreement and joint venture. The proposed solution is great for branding and performance since it allows brands to automate their online advertising adding value to the way they communicate with their customers.
Description of the offer The main objective of the Argentine software company is to increase online marketing industry standards with the use of technology, generating better personalization experiences for users and better KPIs for advertisers. Their technology can optimize online advertising for big advertisers. Some of our sub-products are: - Personalized and dynamic videos generated automatically and on-the-fly. - Dynamic HTML5 animated ads for display campaigns. - Dynamic Facebook and Instagram Stories ads. - Automatic scale production of thousands of ad variations using technology. - Automatic product catalog generator for advertisers lacking one of them. Nowadays the online marketing industry is living an accelerated change. They are seeing a strong focus on the use of data for ads personalization and budgets assigned to traditional channels (tv and radio) are being spent in digital really fast. They have implemented different types of machine-learning algorithms for getting insights about their clients business and auto-optimize their ads. The compañy is interested in: - License agreement: Looking for companies from all verticals and industries (i.e. e-commerce, travel, retail, automotive, finance, food, consumer goods, etc) willing to improve their online marketing campaigns performance and reduce costs by the use of the technology. - Joint Venture Agreement:Looking for partners (i.e. media agencies) that may find the platform and technology useful for their own clients and are willing to act as resellers of the product and/or represent the company in a specific territory.
Advantages and Innovations They are an ad-tech startup with continuous innovation on their development pipeline. Month over month they improve their dashboard, add new features to their product and produce innovative ways for solving advertisers' problems. The company is currently working on a unique dynamic video API that produces dynamic video files in REAL TIME. This allows agencies and brands to personalize their outbound communications with clients. For example, this technology can be used for sending a "personalized invoice" to each customer who buys something in your online store or a "personalized end of year salutation" to your most loyal clients. Since this API works in REAL TIME, the production cost of each video is really low in comparisson with traditional video production costs. Talking about display advertising, they combine advertisers' data with many other input sources like user local city temperature, time of day, day of week, geolocation, etc to end up producing a personalized banner that increases user engagement. An agency, for example, by using this technology will get a much better understanding of their clients and higher ROI for advertisers. Apart from that, it will get a significant costs reduction over creative production at scale.
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01004015 ICM - Internet Content Management
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Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for two different kinds of partnerships 1) Clients willing to take advantage of the technology (License agreement) Marketing teams from companies of any vertical willing to take advantage of the technology and use the platform for generate creatives at scale adding a strong personalization layer to their digital communication campaigns 2) Media and Creative agencies willing to commercialize this solution or use it with their clients (Joint venture, Services, Commercial agency or Acquisition agreement)
Date of creation 04.05.2018
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