Austrian SME developing innovative plant-based horse care products seeks distribution partners

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Summary An Austrian company develops natural based horse care products, using natural active ingredients and innovative, natural-cosmetic textures. In order to reach new markets, the company would like to establish a distribution service agreement. A joint venture agreement is also considered.
Description of the offer The Austrian family based company was founded in 2006 and has profound knowledge and experience in the development of human cosmetics and cleaning detergents. The company is also active in the area of horse care products - and here with a focus on special care needs / products based on natural ingredients. The product range covers horse shampoos, coat care, hoof care, mosquito repellent, detergent for horse textiles as well as suncare for horses. However, the range is expanding. The company meets the requirements of human cosmetics to ensure the best possible quality of horse care products. All products are also suitable for horses with sweet itch and other special care needs. The use of natural ingredients differentiates the company’s products from other products on the market. The main ingredients of the horse care products are: • mild, herbal soaps • plant extracts • essential oils and • vegetable oils except palm oil The distribution system (in Austria and Germany) is characterized by so called "riding stable parties" (structure distribution) and online trading. The company would like to reach new markets and is therefore looking for distribution partners. The type of cooperation envisaged by the company is a distribution service agreement and / or a joint venture agreement to expand business development or gain faster entry to markets.
Advantages and Innovations The products are characterized by novel textures compared to other products on the market. E.g.: • 2-in-1 Hoofbalm: combines the advantages of hoof grease/oil and hoof gel in just one creamy product. • 2-in-1 Coatcare: combines the advantages of moisturiser and hair tonic without silicon oils. • Horseshampoos with cooling or whitening effect (for grey horses) with herbal soaps – without silicon oils or palm oil. • Detergent for horse textiles without artificial colours and fragrances, free of palm oil and petroleum, with olive oil-based soaps The products are in line with the trend of consumers to increasingly use natural-based products. Another unique selling point is the distribution system by riding stable parties. The customer service visits the customers directly in the riding stables. The potential customers thus receive the product information straight from the horse's mouth and they can test the products on their own horse as part of the riding stable party before buying. This direct contact with the products and the customer service increases customer loyalty. The re-purchase then takes place via the online shop.
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Comments Regarding IPR Status development of human cosmetics and cleaning detergents (meeting the requirements of EU Ecolabel and/or Ecocert standards)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for distribution partners with experience in the cosmetics and / or horse care sector who would sell the innovative products to end users. The partner shall be aware of the benefits of the product to be able to handle all inquiries of the future consumers. The partner will be responsible for the whole market expansion / setting up the sales concept (riding stable parties) in the respective country. The requested collaboration is a distribution service agreement and / or a joint venture agreement. The company is also interested in a joint venture where the company is looking for a strong partnership, not just a supplier/customer relationship or may want to bring a product they are currently developing to market but don't have the necessary skills and would like to draw on the expertise available in this area to achieve this.
Date of creation 17.04.2018
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