Belgian company is seeking distribution partners for their innovative medical supplies that have to do with good sleeping and sleep comfort for elderly people and medical patients

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Summary A recently founded Belgian SME, manufacturer and distributor of bed supplies, is specialized in medical sleeping supplies. They offer new, innovative products improving the sleep comfort to customers from the medical and health care sector. The company is aiming to conclude a distribution agreement with distributors who have good contacts in the medical sector.
Description of the offer As a result of our ageing population, the demand for specialized sleep systems in medical and care institutions is growing. There is not only the need for adapted reclining comfort to help patients lie down, stand up, monitoring their behavior, the prevention of bed sores etc., but also for products aiming at their safety and preventing accidents such as falling. Furthermore, as any other sector, the care sector has to consider what could happen in emergency cases because of calamities such as terror attacks and fire. In cooperation with innovative technology companies, the Belgian company develops distinctive and outstanding solutions which offer a qualitative response to the current needs of the care sector. The CEO of the company has 20 years of experience in the sector of sleep comfort. In the response to increasing demand for specialized sleep and reclining comfort for people with medical problems, he established a new firm in 2015 based on unique products for the medical sector. The first product offered is a new mattress, combining both high sleeping comfort and a quick evacuation system for patients and residents. See picture(s). This mattress looks like any other mattress used in nursing homes or hospitals, but can save many more lives in case of an evacuation. Three times more bedridden residents or patients can be evacuated in the event of a calamity, fire or explosion. The sheet under the mattress and the pull straps make it possible for one rescue worker to drag one patient, strapped onto the mattress, quickly, safely, comfortably and without injury to a hazard-free zone. Even down the stairs. Besides the Belgian company distributes mattresses of a very high quality of which the foam is manufactured without any toxic components. This material complies with the latest, stricter standards for fire safety. The mattresses score very high in the prevention against bedsores. The young Belgian company is on the market now for almost two years. In the meantime they have built up a network of contacts and a strong position in the sector in Belgium. They are now ready to conclude distribution agreements with partners in other countries. These could be distributors, wholesalers or retailers.
Advantages and Innovations The product offered for distribution is a unique sliding mattress with incorporated extendible fixation belts and double handles attached to the matress cover. Where it normally takes 3 or 4 rescue workers to evacuate a patient, it now requires only one recue worker. With the same manpower 300% more lives can be saved. Besides, with these additions the normal use of the high caring mattress remains intact.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Preferred partners could be distributors, wholesalers or retailers having business channels in the medical sector. The partners should be dealing with complementary products for use in hospitals, homecare centers, but also in hotels, schools and prisons. The Belgian company would like to find partners for a long term fruitful business cooperation.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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