Belgian publisher of a B2B magazine on sustainable business is looking for partnerships with other B2B media and publishers to set up a European media platform on sustainable business via a joint venture agreement

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Summary Belgian publisher of a B2B magazine on sustainable business is looking for partners to set up a European media network. The company is interested in finding partners that focus on topics related to circular economy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable development goals (SDG’s), environment, sustainable energy, mobility, legislation, climate change, policy etc. The Belgian company would like to set up a partnership via a joint venture agreement.
Description of the offer The Belgian company believes businesses and companies hold the key to make the switch to a circular economy and fight climate change, by doing sustainable business and producing sustainable products, rather than convincing every single citizen to act more sustainable. That is why this publisher focuses on business cases, practical articles, strong opinions so that readers are inspired to implement this knowledge in their own company. The company publishes a bimonthly magazine about sustainability trends for business, society and citizen. The newsletter informs and inspires readers on their way to sustainable entrepreneurship. Because the articles this company publishes are relevant in other European countries too, and vice versa, the company wants to develop a European media network on sustainable business so that readers and members all over Europe are inspired and activated to make their business more sustainable. This platform can and will be developed in close collaboration with all interested partners. All partners involved will set up the platform, put interesting articles on the platform and via subscription fees of the readers, the revenues will be shared among the platform partners.
Advantages and Innovations Being a part of this European media platform offers partners the possibility to share interesting content with its readers, position its media and themselves as a publisher and an authority in the field of sustainable business. A partnership enables partners to broaden their relevant network to other European countries and experts, giving them the opportunity to grow their own business on added value and strong content.
Current Stage of Development The company is active for more than 20 years on the Belgian market. The newsletter has approximately 3000 subscribers. The platform needs to be developed in consultation with interested parties.
Market Keywords 09003002 Advertising and public relations
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Copyright Copyright
Type of Partnership Required Joint Venture Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Other media and publishers with the same goal and focus: publishing and exchanging interesting articles on sustainability to reach more readers in Europe and to become an authority in the field of sustainable business
Date of creation 20.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact N
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