Brazilian company, specialized in healthcare products, services, focused on skin care, developed a new technology able to temporarily replace the human skin, and it is looking for distribution agreements worldwide.

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Summary Brazilian company specialized in healthcare products and services, focused on skin care developed a new technology for wound care and wellness - self care, that allows temporarily replace the human skin; is looking for international partners worldwide aiming distribution services agreements.
Description of the offer The company was founded in 2000 in Paraná State, Brazil, it produces healthcare products and services, focused on skin care, wound care and wellness - self care, bringing its own innovative product: the Regenerative Porous Membrane, which is a non-absorbable membrane formed of micro fibrils obtained by processing cellulose synthesized in the laboratory by Acetobacter Xylinum. Its characteristics make it able to temporarily replace the human skin by promoting rapid regeneration and pain relief. The product can be used at any stage of healing process, delivers excellent results in treating diabetic patient wounds, can be used on any type of skin lesion and it is characterized as a safe product used on newborns to the elderly. It is indicated for second-degree burns; arterial ulcers; surgical wounds; abrasions; skin tears; ulcerations; pressure ulcers; post-cauterization / laser abrasion treatment; venous or stasis ulcers; nail beds (post-excision); diabetic patient wounds; donor and recipient areas of cutaneous grafts; epidermolysis bullosa. With an innovative product, and helping people to live better lives, nowadays it is looking for international strengthening, through distribution agreements with foreign companies, to take abroad its own brand of products.
Advantages and Innovations The company was founded in Brazil in 2000, it produces healthcare products with focus on skin care, wound care and wellness. Investing in the latest technology to develop high qualities products in the area of biotechnology, developed a Porous Regenerating Membrane. The product is a cost-effective solution reducing by approximately 30% compared with convention treatments. Its efficacy means less dressing changes, it can stay up to 12 days in the wound if necessary. Furthermore, the artificially porosity accelerates the healing process of the lesions because allows the effective drainage of exudates in any type of skin lesion and healing stage. With the removal of exudates, is able to have direct and permanent contact with the lesion bed, which stimulates the formation of the granulation tissue; prevents the development of anaerobic bacteria in the wound because its porosity propitious the gaseous exchange; preserves the viable cells, because can be maintained for up to 12 days without need of changes. It is also possible to apply medications to the injured area through the pores without the membrane removal. And even in case of removal, it preserves viable cells, causing no damage to the wound. Since most of dressings need to be removed and replaced to eliminate the exudates and to apply medications, it remains in the wound to do the same procedures. Finally, the technology has others attributers, such as, biocompatible, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, transparency (allowing wound monitoring).
Technological Keywords 06001013 Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering
06002002 Cellular and Molecular Biology
Market Keywords 05007001 Disposable products
05007002 Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for medical devices distributors to develop the costumers network abroad. The partners sought will be responsible for distribute and present the product at fairs, congresses, aiming to reach the medical community, public and private hospitals in their region of operation.
Date of creation 16.04.2018
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