British company into interactive advertising space in the sport industry looking for distributors and manufacturing partners

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Summary The British company in the advertisement sport sector has developed a product that turns every seat back within sports stadiums and concert halls into interactive advertising space. The British company is looking to a manufacturing agreement or distributor partner with advertising specialists in order to increase its sales abroad by offering this space to their clients. Countries of interest: Qatar, USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, among others.
Description of the offer This British media and design company has produced carefully crafted physical bands that fit any event /venue seat in the world, which act as an advertising seat accessory that fans of the event can interact with. The product -a multi-functional band - is simply removed, torn in half by the fan and turn into two separate wearable wristbands and end as a memento of the event with ongoing value to the fan, event promoters and advertisers. Each band carries advertising and each advert has a quick response (QR) code that come with digital entertainment delivered through the company's phone app which allows fans to interact and engage with the advertised brands before, during and after the event. The company's services include the latest use of application programming interface (API's) which can integrate with client systems to view, measure and track user patterns in data and revenue. The British company is looking for manufacturing agreement or distributor partners to help them to advertise brands. WHY: The reason is to ensure that both side ensure return on investment (ROI) and laverage the many opportunities available together. HOW: The international cooperation they are looking for is: a) Agents / Distributors with internal network to sell/distribute the product in the targeted countries b) Manufacturers capable of manufacturing product under license.
Advantages and Innovations One of the most innovativeness of the product compared to their competitors is that the fans/consumers would be able take the band home as a keepsake memento of the event providing the potential for ongoing use and interaction with the advertising brand(s). Also, the consumers/fans have shown high levels of interaction with the band throughout the sporting or musical events by waving them, taking pictures with them or engaging with them via the company's app. The product competitive advantage that will make this product stand out from the competition is - for example-: 1) The app let's brands engage with greater than 50% of attendees digitally while they're in the stadium providing opportunities for them answer a polls, bet on a game, share an image, and more, all encouraged through digital games, in-game augmented reality. 2) Advertising specialist partners are able to provide brands with in depth data that is captured during interaction, which includes social network information, detailed user profiles which allow highly targeted follow up marketing. 3) Venues will also have access to a unique protocol that reduces cellular interference allowing a high proportion of their fans/attendees to engage with internet access and allow for development of additional services such as in game orders for food and beverage to be delivered to seat, in venue auctions and many other services to add significant additional revenue from each fan/seat. 4) The protocol will be app based.
Technological Keywords 11007 Sports and Leisure
Market Keywords 07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The British company is looking to a manufacturing agreement or distributor partner with advertising specialists in order to increase its sales abroad by offering this space to their clients via Distribution services agreement.
Restrict Dissemination to specific countries Brazil
New Zealand
Russian Federation
South Korea
Date of creation 21.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
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